Choose from Three Types of Coaching

Magical Life Coaching
When You Seek Magic, You’ll Find It!

Magic is when things fall into place, you find inspiration in unexpected places, or the help you need just appears. It’s a fun, spiritual approach, that helps you live a more high-vibe life.

You will build skills to access your own guidance and inner wisdom. Plus, I’ll check in with spirit and view your past lives via the Akashic Records to release any blocks and ensure you’re on the right path.

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Love Coaching
People Find Love Everyday, So Can You!

Learn what’s keeping you from the love you want and create a simple plan to move forward. Discover a new, conscious way to date that builds confidence and self-worth, so you show up as a high-quality woman whom men pursue and want to be with.

Understand men with laser-like ability, so you quickly spot the ones who don’t want a committed relationship and will surely waste your time. Start to enjoy the process of finding lasting love.

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Dating App Profile Makeover
You Deserve a Magnetic Profile that Attracts Quality Men

Ready to meet and date men to find the love you dream of? Great! Let’s make sure your dating profile stands out from the sea of women and conveys why you are a great catch.

Plus, learn the basics of modern dating to minimize frustration and keep going to you find the One!

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