Dating Coaching

Work with Dating Coach Ronnie

Are you successful woman over 40 who has everything going for you, but missing that special someone? You might be a single, divorced, or widowed gal feeling ready to find love again.

  • Maybe you’re tired of being alone
  • You’re frustrated by dating
  • You don’t know where to meet men
  • You’re sick of meeting the wrong men
  • You just don’t understand men
  • You worry there’s something wrong with you
  • You wish you could ask someone who really knows how midlife dating works

2 Ways to Work with Me to Find Love
More Easily than on Your Own:

Private Dating Coaching

Private One-on-One Coaching

If you’re sick of Saturday nights with the girls or discouraged by dating, it’s time to get help. Dating is a journey to find the right man for you. My Dating GPS method will help you get there as quickly as possible, with the least amount of romantic detours. Most women tend to rely solely on their own knowledge, hoping for the best. As a dating coach for women, I’ll be your romantic guidance system so you stay on track to find the true love you dream of.  Learn more

Online Dating Coaching and Profile Writing

Have you been thinking about trying your luck with online dating sites? Perhaps you’ve been on the web and had a poor experience. Either way, looking for love online is not as obvious as you might think. Many women just put up a profile and go at it which is certainly admirable. But understanding what works best with digital dating is the smart way to go. I will write your dating profile and share the steps for success so you can find the love you dream of online.  Learn more