Hot Chemistry Does Not Imply a “Meant to Be” Relationship

As a dating coach for women who are dating over 40 or dating after divorce, I hear a lot about the need for chemistry. My clients talk about instant chemistry, hot chemistry, sparks flying, etc. You get the picture and you probably have your own description of this as well. While I agree, there has to … Read more

Are You a Relationship Loser? Dating After Divorce

Have you had more than one long-term relationship?  Have you been married more than once? Do you feel like you pick the wrong men? A lot of people feel like a loser about their relationships. Maybe they’ve had a few long-term relationships that went south. And if you asked them how many relationships have you been … Read more

Shift Your Perspective, Shift Your Love Life After Divorce

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Beth. She’s seeing a new guy and she’s reached the 3 month mark, a pivotal time in a new relationship. While she has really been enjoying Tom, he had begun doing a few things that started getting under her skin. Last weekend, as she began her drive to see him (the trip … Read more

Finding Love: Why is the Emotionally Unavailable Man So Attractive?

The guy you’re seeing has this magnetic pull over you. He’s good looking but his voice – oooh. Or maybe he has fabulous eyes, like deep pools you can dive into. It could be the way he puts his hand on the small of your back, leading the way. He has that certain something, a … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Stand Up for Yourself to Maintain Boundaries

By day I’m a dating coach. By night (actually by day also), I’m a web marketer and writer. However, to me, everything in life is like dating. The web business can be fun and exciting and like everything else, unbelievably trying. Currently, I have a difficult client who doesn’t understand boundary issues. That certainly can be seen … Read more

Valentine’s Day: Rejection – Better than You Could Possibly Imagine by Kathryn Lord

Glad you’re back to read the Valentine’s Day Blog-a-thon on day 6! Today’s guest dating blogger is Kathryn Lord who met her husband Drew online in 1998. A mental health professional for 34 years, she now works with singles as a Romance Coach, helping  them find love find love using Internet dating sites.  You can find her … Read more

Dating Over 40: How Do I Reach Out to Wounded Men?

Don’t Nurse an Emotionally Wounded man Last night was the first of six sessions for the 90 Day Challenge. What a great group of women! We are on for a fun challenge in which participants will get inspired, improve their skills, build confidence and meet at least 50 men! Naturally in the first session, we … Read more

Dating Over 40: Can We Move Past Friendship after 1 Year?

Dear Ronnie, I need your help as a dating coach for women. Nearly a year ago, I met a man who has been supportive and always there for me with current personal issues in my life. We share many common interests and values. Although he is more shy than most men, there was an instant … Read more

Dating After Divorce: How Can I Tell If He Used Me?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach I went out with what I thought was a great guy, Charlie,  for two months, We’re both divorced and have two teenagers a piece . , We met each other’s families (but not the kids) and saw each other every night he didn’t have his kids. Charlie really stayed in contact, … Read more

Dating Over 40: Beware of this Guy

My friend and fellow dating blogger, Terry Hernon MacDonald, author of How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams wrote a fabulous post the other day. It’s so good I have to share it with you. “This happens a lot: Girl meets guy (usually on some Internet site). Girl is lukewarm about guy. … Read more

Dating After Divorce: I Don’t Want to Raise More Kids – Should I Leave Now?

Dear Ronnie – The Dating Coach, I am divorced. I met a very nice man through a friend. In the beginning we spoke online for hours. We began to get together, meeting at the beach to talk. After two months, he asked me out to dinner and he paid. Four months later, he expects both … Read more

Dating After Divorce: I’m Dating Dr. Jekyll, But Don’t Like Mr. Hyde

Here’s a question that shows up more frequently that you might imagine. That’s why I want to share it with you – in case you too might be going through something similar. Dear Ronnie the Dating Coach I’ve been dating a 41-yr old man since last December. He pursued me while I was living in … Read more

Dating After Divorce: He’s Nice, Generous, Good Looking, But I Don’t Love Him.

Dear Ronnie The Dating Coach, I’ve been dating this man for 4 years. After 6 months of dating him, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. He stayed with me through chemo, baldness, and radiation. He is a very kind, caring, and generous man. He fixes things around my condo. He has grown children and we … Read more

Dating after Divorce: Why Doesn’t He Ask Me Out?

Dear Dating Coach, I’ve been divorced for 4 yrs and now I’ve become interested in a guy I work with. My friends tell me he likes me a lot and he lost his wife about 4 yrs ago. I’m very old fashion and wasn’t brought up to ask a guy out. He comes to visit … Read more

Dating Over 40: I’m Desperate for Things to Work with Him

Have you ever felt desperate for things to work out with a man?  You met this guy and the two of you hit it off. Everything fell into place easily and you were elated to have found such a great guy. But as the weeks pass, maybe in week 8 or week 12, something shifted. … Read more