Dating Over 40: Feng Shui and Your Love Corner

Over the weekend and today on Momference, I taught workshops about finding love and keeping it with Feng Shui. I was quite surprised at how much interest there is in this topic.  Even though I have a love of Feng Shui, I’ve been told that enrollment in classes like this have been dwindling. For those … Read more

Dating Over 40: NY Times Article on Dating Coaches

One of my clients sent me this link to a NY Times article about Dating Coaches.  It’s pretty good – goes over several different coaches with several different approaches.  Includes David Wygant – the coach on which the movie Hitch was based, who charges $5,000 or more for his dating advice. The consensus for their … Read more

Dating Over 40: Dissing Dating Coaches

I’m surfing the Internet and find this site that talks about therapists and dating coaches.  Written by a therapist of course – the author preferred therapists and suggested that a coach, while meaning well, is not qualified for many issues that may crop up. And might due harm rather than good. OK, it’s true, I’m … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Sending Mixed Signals

Tina is 61, petite and attractive.  She’s been ready to date for a while and has just started her activity to meet men.  Recently she connected with Pete on who is a widower.  Turns out he lives just around the corner from her sister.  What  a small world. For their first date, the two … Read more

Dating Over 40: Drooling Over the Real Thing

Meet the fantasy – Prince Lorenzo De Medici. He’s from one of the oldest famous families in Italy. Yes he’s a real prince who lives in Florence, Italy.  I think this is so funny considering my last post!  This is a fine example of the law of attraction in action.  He’s very cute, although cuter … Read more

Dating Over 40: I Can’t think of What to Say

Last night the group coaching call was really powerful.  Jean asked a great question about starting conversations. Her friend suggested that when she sees a man who interests her, she should find a way to say something. She was at the doctor’s office and a nice looking guy sat down next to her in the … Read more

Dating Over 40: Gray Hair Gets More Clicks!

The scoop is that gray-haired women get more hits and responses when it comes to online dating!  I haven’t read the article, but it appeared in MORE Magazine recently and also was discussed on Good Morning America this week.  A sixty-one year old woman was curious what would work better for her, so she put … Read more

Dating After Divorce: National Singles Week

Did you know that there is an organization for Unmarried and Single Americans? Well there is! National USA Week has the tagline "Celebrating the lives and contributions of unmarried and single Americans." The USA stands for Unmarried and Single Americans.  Here’s the site This group sponsors a week for the Single Americans – by the way … Read more

Dating After Divorce: More on Cheaters

So I ran across this blog by Jeff Mac called Manslations – like translating man lingo. Pretty clever if you ask me.  I started reading this post he wrote in response to a woman who asked,  "How do you stop a man from cheating and lying and where to find a guy who doesn’t do … Read more