Over 40 Dating: How Come Men Are My Friends, But Don’t Ask Me out?

Dear Ronnie, I am a very friendly woman of 51. People say I’m attractive. I’m easy to talk to and make new friends quickly.  I happen to have a lot of male friends and find it easy to be “one of the boys.” Growing up with a lot of brothers makes that come naturally to … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Is Procrastination is Keeping You from Meeting Your Mate?

Do you procrastinate? I’ll admit that I do for somethings.  I certainly procrastinated about looking for a man in my 30’s. In fact I didn’t just procrastinate, I did almost nothing. I went to the occasional singles dance and usually went home depressed. That’s about it. I was very social during my 30’s with lots … Read more

Dating Over 40: How to Have More Dates than Ever

The more I read, the more clients I work with, the more clear things become. The recipe for finding love has revealed itself to me. I will share it here and now. Come closer so I can whisper the secret in your ear. Let go of your ideas of perfection Stop getting in your own … Read more

Dating Over 40: Could the Biggest Obstacle to Finding Love Be You?

Yesterday was very unusual because I ran not one but two workshops! One was a private home party in the morning. The other was the last of the series in the Spring 100 Day Challenge. What struck me after doing two workshops in one day was the high level of resistance in some of the participants. … Read more

Over 40 Dating: I’m So Excited about My First Date, But I Don’t Want to Appear Desperate

  Dear Dating Coach, I met this really great, attractive guy (via Match) who I had a wonderful dinner date with this past weekend . I’ve never met a Match.com guy like this. Usually there’s no spark, but I’d give many guys the three date try as you suggest in MANifesting Mr. Right. But this … Read more

Dating Over 40: First Date Scheduling Difficulties

Dear Ronnie, I have been communicating with this one guy on Match that in the virtual world seems like a good fit for me. We’ve been trying to meet however because of our schedules it hasn’t happened yet. I finally said lets talk on the phone – he said he would call me on Monday or Tuesday night…..he … Read more