Understand Men: He Talks About Dating But Doesn’t Ask Me Out

Last week I answered a question from a woman who called herself “Confused in Colorado”. Her question was about a guy named Jake who seemed interested and gave her his number, but never asked her out. They texted a lot and he “talked” about going out, but never did ask her. When she asked him … Read more

Online Dating Advice: He Offered to Cook Dinner. Should I Go?

Avoid the temptation of sex by keeping your dates in the public eye. My dating coaching client, Kendra, met Mike through an online dating site. The first date went great! Kendra found Mike attractive, a good conversationalist, and friendly.  She felt comfortable with him and thought Mike had serious potential. Mike sent Kendra an email … Read more

Dating Red Flags and Phone Relationships: Should I Take it to the Next Level?

Dear Ronnie, “I am  43, never been married and am currently talking to a guy (long distance) that I’ve known for about 3 years now. We met in grad school in 2008 and did not reconnect until March 2009 via phone. We’ve been talking ever since. He is now divorced and told me that he has … Read more