Dating Over 40: Bella Zadore Interviews Ronnie Ann Ryan

Last month I was the first featured Goddess for the Bella Zadore community. Valeria Roncoli, the creator of the Bella Zadore characters (there are 12 fabulous women characters!) asked me to kick off her launch of the brand. I wrote about the event which was a lot of fun. Just last week, I met up … Read more

Dating After Divorce: Youtube Video on Red Flags about Dating Divorced Men

Are you divorced and looking for love or at least thinking about it? Dating after divorce can be  more difficult because now you have ” baggage.”  And the men will too! But don’t let that stop you because many times, divorced men can be great catches and more willing to try again. But it helps … Read more

Dating Over 40: Enjoy Being Single – It’s National Singles Week!

Once a year, singles rule for the week and this is THE week! This national holiday was started back in 1982.  Celebrate the joys of being single – and there are many. Here’s some of the benefits as stated by my over 40 dating coaching clients: 1. You can sleep with the TV on because … Read more

Dating Over 40: New YouTube Video – Tips on Flirting

Do you flirt? When asked this question, most of my over 40 dating coaching clients  say things like: Flirt? I don’t know how! I haven’t flirted in years! I can’t remember how to flirt. I never have been a flirt. Why should I flirt? Who would I flirt with? (That’s a whole topic in itself … Read more

Dating Over 40: The 1st Goddess for Bella Zadore

It’s official – I’ve been selecoaching, Bella Zadore, Goddess, maa Genacted as the premiere featured Goddess for the Bella Zadore business launch! Check it out here.  Bella Zadore is actually a lifestyle brand for women with a collection of 12 animated characters who make you think, laugh, appreciate being a woman and become more Goddess-like. … Read more

Dating Over 40: NY Times Article Questions Validity of Online Dating Sites with Personality Tests

As I’ve been saying all along, there’s little hard proof that sites that match you based on compatibility will deliver better results than other online dating sites. This NY Times article says that further research is being conducted to determine just how effective sites like eHarmony and really are. One thing that did not … Read more

Dating over 40: Make Every Man Want You by Marie Forleo

I’m reading a new book by Marie Forleo entitled, Make Every Man Want You. So far so good! I’m about half way through and it’s been excellent. Marie shares a lot of new perspectives about men and being irresistible to them. I wish these books were around when I was dating. It could have made my … Read more

Over 40 Dating: New FREE ebook Explains 5 Big Turnoffs that Drive Men Away

I’m so excited because I just gave away 56 copies of my latest ebook – 5 Big Turnoffs that Drive Men Away & 7 Surefire Ways to Make Men Want You. As a dating coach, this is a thrill  to share these insightful tips. Anyone can get a copy by subscribing to my newsletter Kiss & … Read more

Dating Over 40: Steve Harvey – Act like a Lady, Think like a Man

Just finished reading Steve Harvey’s book, Act like a Lady, Think like a Man. Overall, there is some really good info inside this book. Steve has a great sense of humor and his comedic side certainly shined through. But more than that Steve shared some eye-opening insights that are MUST READS for single women who … Read more

Over 40 Dating: More on Why Didn’t He Call Back – What Rachel Learned from 1000 men

This is part two of Why Didn’t He Call Back. As a dating coach for women over 40, I was quite surprised to hear what Rachel discovered – “Women weren’t nice enough on the first date.” Yesterday, we went over the idea of why treating the waitstaff and other service people poorly might be transferred … Read more

Dating Over 40: Lindsay Lohan’s Video Dating Profile – Too Funny Not To Share!

Take three minutes out of whatever you are doing to enjoy this video profile Lindsay Lohan has created. She’s single again in case you haven’t heard. It’s hilarious. Its so important to keep your dating efforts cheerful and this will make you laugh. Happy viewing from your dating coach!

Dating Over 40: Why He Didn’t Call Back – What Rachel Learned from 1000 Men

Admittedly, I haven’t read the book yet – but I saw the TV show!  She was interviewed and  I watched the clip. In fairness, I guess her book will be added to my list. As a dating coach for women over 40, I was quite surprised to hear what she had to say. What do you think … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Love Blooms from Brief Subway Flirting

One of my dating coaching clients sent this fun article about a NYC romance from the NY Times. Quirky as it may be, these two found each other as a result of the brides willingness to flirt with a total stranger. She took a chance, walked up to this man and asked him about what … Read more

Over 40 Dating: Flirting Lessons with Madeleine Albright!

Last night I watched Real Time with Bill Maher.  One of his special guests was Madeleine Albright,past Secretary of State during the Clinton Administration.  Maher asked Madeleine a variety of questions. Then he veered off into an area that surprised me. Bill suggested that it’s easier for women to be Secretary of State because women … Read more

Dating Over 40: The Dating Goddess has 13 New Books – I Reviewed One so Far

Embracing Midlife Men is just one of the 12 ebooks that the Dating Goddess has just released.  In addition to her new paperback Date or Wait  – Are You Ready for Mr. Great?, DG has compiled her blog posts from several years of her own dating experience and answering questions to create 13 volumes of … Read more

Dating Over 40: From the Millionaire Matchmaker & The Chilled Vodka Room to Rock of Love on Ellen

I love this show! Have you seen the lastest episodes of the Millionaire Matchmaker? Last week’s was over the top for one guy. Patti was trying to help Laurence with his dating strategy – he’s not a quick study. Not only didn’t he follow Patti’s sage advice, but he did everything she told him not … Read more