Blue Moon Manifesting Workshop

Halloween – October 31st
12 – 1:30pm eastern

The Blue Moon is a powerful time to manifest because it is so unusual. You need 13 full moons in a year  for a blue moon and not every year has that!

This October, we have two full moons, making the one on Halloween the Blue Moon! That’s why the saying is, “Once in a Blue Moon.” It’s a rare and auspicious occurrence. So exciting!

In This Powerful Manifesting Workshop, You Will…

  • Clear your energy and release what no longer serves you
  • Set your intention for what you want to manifest
  • Envision fulfilling this destiny
  • Create a Mini-Vision board
  • Enjoy a gratitude process you can use anytime to lift your spirits

Bonus Materials!

  • The Time to Shine Program – Build Self-Love & Confidence in 31 Days ($97 value)
  • 10 Ways to Radiate Feminine Charm Like the Goddess You Are ($20 value)

Total Workshop Value Is $167!

Please join me via zoom from 12-1:30 pm edt (New York time) for 90-minutes to focus your energy, lift your spirits and create what you want!

Register Now!

Conducted on zoom, this workshop is packed with helpful tools and opportunities for personal growth and manifesting your heart’s desire. Whether you want love, a new job, a new home or more fun, the Blue Moon Manifesting Workshop is the way to go.

full moon

Just $47 for the Workshop and Bonus Materials!

The Workshop is this Saturday so don’t delay! Register now and be ready to make the most of the Full Blue Moon’s manifesting power.


“Ronnie’s Humor and Intuition Rock!”  Jane in Connecticut

“I chose Ronnie as my coach, because she demonstrated from real life that she could accomplish what she set out to do – find a good man and marry him! Her approach, using humor is key and the intuition is a plus. I no longer feel embarrassed about looking for a mate. Thanks to Ronnie, I have lightened up, feel more hopeful and am getting out there.” 


“Put It Out to the Universe!”  Laurie in New Hampshire

“You were so right Ronnie. If you put it out to the Universe, it comes back to you. I planted a seed in the fall, and it’s blooming now in the spring. Last fall, after taking your program, I met my Mom’s plumber, who was at her house fixing her sink. We chatted a bit, then I left.

When my Mom went to pay him, she asked a few personal questions and mentioned that she knew someone who was interested in him. He was dating someone at the time.

Four months later after a break up, he called my Mom to ask who was interested. The result – he called me, and I’ve been seeing him for three fabulous months!”