Buoyant Balance Blend

This blend has been created to help you release stress and at the same time feel more buoyant and balanced.

Created by me from doTERRA Essential Oils, this signature blend offers 5 different oils crafted from the purest ingredients possible and suspended in 100% pure fractionated coconut oil (as recommended).

5 Oils in the Blend

Lemongrass – An ingredient often found in Asian food, lemongrass cleanses your energy field and dissipates feelings of despair or hopelessness.

Wild Orange – Creates a positive outlook and revives physical energy. Plus, wild orange offers you a sense of joy and playfulness.

Lime – The fresh scent of lime instills a passion for life and a feeling of good cheer.

Peppermint – Add zing to your body, mind and spirit and feel like your heart is more carefree and able to bounce back quickly from stress.

Geranium – Last but not least, geranium helps to affirm your belief that humans are innately good and so is the world. Restore your trust that all will be well.

BONUS – also included is a tumbled rose quartz stone for a boost of self- love and heart healing.


Each 5 ml bottle is carefully blended and made to order with a roller-ball applicator. Simply apply to your wrists a few times through out your day and you’re on your way to feeling more optimistic and refreshed.

$24.97 includes shipping within the USA.

Outside the USA, shipping will be determined after purchase is made.