Awaken To The Voice of Your Soul – An Intuitive Approach

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Mary Gooden about her intuitive approach to awaken the voice of your soul and the magic all around you.

Her Daily Practice

Mary GoodenInstead of following what everyone else says about how to live life, Mary Gooden has created a daily practice, tuning into her own wisdom. For the last 15 years, she has used this intuitive approach, connecting with herself daily for guidance.

Finally, she has become comfortable in her own skin by going into the deepest part of herself to look for answers. This is the magic of being able to choose who she’s going to show up as.

She has a prayer or meditation closet decked out with crystals, mantras, affirmations, oracle cards, all of which she calls the medicine of the soul. Her mantras are placed on the bathroom mirror to see it first thing in the morning.

Mary says every morning when you wake up, choose joy, peace, and freedom or something else that you want. To support herself and help her remember who she is, Mary uses phrases like, “I am a fountain of joy and prosperity. I create abundant opportunities for others.”

Isn’t that powerful? What a way to start your day! That makes me want to try it too. This is how she remembers who she is every day. So beautiful.

Who Has Time to Figure This Out?

Her daily process and intuitive approach takes about seven minutes. That’s it! She’s timed it because her clients often complain, “I don’t want to wake up earlier or add something else to my day. Who has time to figure out who I am?”

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I can totally understand where these comments are coming from because people live extremely busy lives today, right? That’s why Mary has narrowed it down to a science and can complete this spiritual work in just seven minutes. Pretty impressive! That makes it easy for clients to do this as well.

The Diamond White Healing Light

diamond white healing lightShe asks for the Diamond White Healing Light of Christ Consciousness and brings it down through her head, the center of her body, and all her chakras. Then it continues down through her feet, anchoring into the earth and Mother Gaia.

This allows Mary to be connected above and below, to her divine masculine and feminine energy, and her higher self.

From there, she flows the energy back up from each chakra, with the rainbow of colors. Finishing up with gratitude, She is thankful for her connection to her wisdom, truth, love, will, passion and prosperity.

Then the Diamond White Healing Light fills her auric field. Mary does this process every morning. She says there is magic in this world – reality IS the magic and this is how she finds it.

Reiki Healing Energy

Mary talks about Reiki energy as the Diamond White Healing Light. She always starts at the crown to create a safe space for this work by connecting to spirit. For her, it’s all about being connected first.

We talked about how both of us love Airport Mesa, which is one of the famous vortexes. She lives right near there! This mesa (a big hill with a flat top) has an amazing 360 degree view. The energy up there is nothing short of sublime.

The Journey of Her Life

Mary Gooden was born in St. Louis, MO. She left home at 17, marrying her first husband. He was in the navy and they lived in Virginia Beach for 22 years.

Then she was guided to leave corporate life, bought a fitness club with her sister in New Orleans, and opened a yoga studio across the street. These were her dreams and watching them come true was fabulous.

Her intuitive approach cracked open her heart. As a result, she got divorced, and brought up her two daughters. Now she’s with a new man who is a true match for her soul’s vibration. He lives in New Orleans while she now lives in Sedona, and they see each other monthly.

This type of long distance relationship keeps things exciting for some couples. If it works for them, why not? You can have what you want in a relationship today – there are so many possibilities!

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Sedona Called Her

Mary Gooden in SedonaShe and her husband visited Sedona and Mary fell in love. It felt like going home. When she got back to New Orleans, she knew immediately that she had to return. She booked her first retreat with 10 women which was a great success!

Mary expressed how she felt chosen and went back six times in one year! Then she heard another message about buying a place. Her first reaction was, “Come on!” But she picked a ridiculously low price and held that in mind, thinking it would never happen.

Then Mary found a place, offered this low price, and it was accepted! This was a perfect example of her intuitive approach working. When you are willing to let go of your own will, and align to “Thy will,” that’s where the magic truly lives.

Now she hosts retreats and is looking to find the right house.

What Are Your Dreams?

Another message from spirit was to ask people she meets for coffee, “What are your dreams?” Spirit told her that she was a vessel that actualizes other people’s dreams.

According to Mary, the feminine Christ Consciousness is all about, “Have fun and allow life to happen for you.” Sounds good to me!

The Daily Ritual

I asked Mary what she tells her clients. She talks to them about the daily ritual, meditation, and connecting with themselves. It all starts when you give yourself the time of day – make room for connecting with your higher self.

What if your biggest mission is your biggest dream? What if the thoughts, visions, and what lights your heart on fire is your mission? Through daily connection and committing to yourself as well, you can discover just that.

Follow These Steps:

  • I am committed to coming home to myself every day
  • I love and accept myself
  • I forgive myself and others completely
  • I love the journey
  • I anchor into who I am
  • I choose my mission and purpose

There’s not much that’s more empowering than this statement, “I choose.”  A lot of times people just let life happen to them. If you don’t choose, life happens or chooses for you.

As for me, in the past, I always knew what I wanted. But right now, I’m in a new place. I don’t know what I want. It’s a little uncomfortable but I am being transparent and admitting this. I have to figure this out because I just don’t know what I want.

Surrender And Let It In

surrender to your higher selfSome people can’t find their purpose and twist themselves into a pretzel trying to figure it out. However, it’s important to not give yourself a hard time. If you have no idea what your purpose is, chances are you are already doing it. It can be simple and look different for each person.

When Mary found herself thinking she didn’t know what she wanted, she cleverly rewrote that script. Instead, she said, “I surrender. I let in.” That’s a beautiful switch making this difficult situation so much easier to handle.

She asks her higher self to, “Show me the way today – what is mine to share?” The need to know is an illusive belief – everyone says you need to know. But with Mary’s intuitive approach, you don’t. You can surrender to it and know it will come to you.

The action step and how to surrender is simple – seek value in everything you encounter. Everything offers a lesson or an experience. Everything will help you learn something.

You don’t have to expect, judge, or criticize what happens. Instead, embrace what transpires and look for the value. Profound and quite helpful. Thanks Mary Gooden!

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BIO – Mary Gooden

Mary Gooden publisher and coachMary Gooden is CEO and founder of Divine Destiny Publishing and Soul Mastery Coaching. She believes that abundance thrives in your ability to remain aligned and authentic, which is a daily practice.

Mary has studied and practiced Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Energy Harmonizing for almost twenty years. By taking an intuitive approach, she focuses on creating a space for clients to embody Soul-Mastery, a mentorship program that awakens you to your wholehearted mission.

Mary supports conscious visionaries, leaders, coaches, and entrepreneurs in becoming published authors by sharing their powerful message, story, and mission on a global platform.

She has contributed to seven #1 International Bestselling titles, and is currently working on her contribution to a USA Today Bestselling series titled The Younger Self Letters.

Divine Destiny Publishing has created three #1 International Bestselling books  – Aligned Leaders, Wholehearted Leaders, and Sacred Surrender. Learn more at


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