Dating Over 40: Most Men Want to Pay

What’s the top question women ask me about dating? Well, after “Where can I find a decent guy?” the most common question is – “Who pays on the first date?” Now I am happily married, but this was an unusual week because I did a lot of networking. Six one-on-one sessions, plus two big events.  The … Read more

Dating Over 40: Confessions of a Matchmaker

 Have you watched the new reality show called Confessions of a Matchmaker?  It’s on A&E at 10pm(est)  Saturday nights. (Interesting program timing huh?) Patti Novak, a Buffalo, NY matchmaker tells how she sees it.  When discussing dates with her clients, she shares her ideas and advice in a pretty direct way.  Even if clients squirm … Read more

Dating Over 40: Get Off the Bitter-Bus!

Talking with Kelly from MA this morning writing her online dating profile. She was telling me about a friend of hers who is on the Bitter-Bus.  What ? I never heard of that before.  What a descriptive euphemism for being down on dating. When you are negative about the singles’ scene, you actually sabotage your … Read more

Dating Over 40: He’s Not “My” Type

Do you meet men, but none of them are right for you? Do the men you date have similar issues or patterns? This week I had a client who said she didn’t meet many men who interested her.  When women say this, I always ask if they have a "type."  Dana denied it.  "Nope, I … Read more

Dating Over 40: Stop Looking at Me!

Yesterday, one of my clients complained about men who look at her.  These are men she isn’t thrilled with.  She wanted to know how to get them to stop looking at her "like that." I explained that if she really thinks about it – she wants them to look.  The last thing you want is … Read more

Dating Over 40: Discover a Man’s Perspective on Dating

Here’s your Daily Dose of Dating Advice- Meet John Follis.  He’s an award-winning Madison Avenue ad guy, 52, good looking, been married and in a few long-term relationships.  Let’s say that John has done his share of dating and he shares his views on the Internet and more in the second interview of the Decoding Dating series. … Read more

6/28/2007 – Happily Ever After – Foschini Club Magazine

Happily Ever After – 6/28/2007 (appearing in the online version of  Foschini Club Magazine) Afraid that you’ll never find Prince Charming? Relax – you’re probably better off without him, says Lee Horn, who advises you to forget romantic fantasy, and make your own happiness. Remember the moment in Shrek when Princess Fiona’s long-awaited fantasy suitor, … Read more

Looking for love? Turn to the Internet

By Donna Porstner Staff Writer June 15, 2007 NORWALK – A decade ago, Ronnie Ann Ryan was an SWF seeking an S/DWM. There were heartaches – not to mention mistakes – but she made it down the aisle and parlayed the lessons learned into a second career as a personal public relations guru and dating … Read more

June 2007 – Kiss Tell Newsletter

Greetings! I have exciting news!  This month I’m launching a fabulous new program called Decoding Dating.  It’s a monthly recorded series in which I interview other experts to give you more insight and savvy tips you need for dating success.  The first interview is with Terry Hernon MacDonald, author of  How to Marry the Man … Read more

Meet a nice Jewish boy or girl

Meet a nice Jewish boy or girl – 4/01/2007 By Margot Carmichael Lester Looking for a nice Jewish boy or girl to date? Don’t wait for your date with destiny. Be proactive and create opportunities that will get you what you want. “Being involved in Jewish activities with other Jews is the best way to … Read more


DON’T WANNA DATE ME? NOW I’M HOOKED!  AM New York – 11/13/2006 BY JULIA ALLISON A few weeks ago, a young guy who had once eagerly asked me out emailed me a shockingly straightforward “I’m just not that into you (so please stop stalking me)” blow off missive. In the three months since I’ve been … Read more

New Rules for Dating Over 40 – – 8/07/2006 Feel Great, Look Great, Have A Great Date By Nina Malkin What’s the secret to a truly successful date? The knowledge that you’re an amazing person who knows how to have a great time. And once you’re in your 40’s, you’ve got that down pat, so you will have fun. You know … Read more

Finding Romance in Fairfield County

Finding Romance in Fairfield County – 1/05/2006 Fairfield County Online Finding Romance in Fairfield County by Cornelia Fortier, Contributing Editor In Fairfield County, finding the right romantic partner should be a piece of cake. After all, census data reveals that of 903,291 county residents (as of 2004) there are approximately 334,360 single men (including those … Read more