The Magic of Heart Wall Healing with Robin Friedman

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Robin Friedman, Energy Healer and Coach about Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code and specifically the Heart Wall healing process. Personally, I have found this method to be incredibly effective and have learned so much doing this meditation. The Heart Wall is your … Read more

Understand Men: When a Man Gives Me His Card, Should I Call Him?

Need to better understand men? Here’s why you should never call a guy who gives you his card when you meet and what it actually means. [Updated December 2021] He Gave Me His Card – What Should I Do? How do you respond when a man hands you his card and says, “Give me a … Read more

The Magic of 2021 with Marla Martenson, The Mystical Matchmaker

What kind of magic have you been experiencing this year? In this fun episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’ll be talking with Marla Martenson, The Mystical Matchmaker, about the magic we’ve encountered during 2021. We talk about our visions and intuition, efforts to release the old and make room for something new, … Read more

The Magic of Shamanic Intuition with Jenna Smith

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I am speaking with Jenna Smith, Shamanic Intuitive, Coach and psychotherapist. It was a lively discussion delving into Shamanism, Intuition, synchronicities, and healing the underlying issues that crop up and keep you stuck. Creator of the Re-Sourcing Method TM, Jenna provides tangible framework for people … Read more

The Magic of Ullis Karlsson and Her Book Holy F*ck

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I talk with Ullis Karlsson from Sweden about her new book Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything. Ullis is a Spiritual Teacher, International Author, Public Speaker, and Yoga Teacher/Therapist who travels the globe working with women to raise their vibration and … Read more

The Magic Of Celebrating Solitude With Rachel Astarte

Do you avoid spending time alone or relish it? In this episode of Breathe Love and Magic podcast, I speak with Rachel Astarte, the author of Celebrating Solitude about the importance of alone time, looking within and connecting with your higher self. The Importance of Alone Time My guest for this episode of the Breathe Love and Magic podcast … Read more

Akashic Records Reading – The Gateway To Your Past Life Lessons

Curious about an Akashic Records reading and what you’ll learn about your past lives? The Records offer a deep dive into your previous incarnations, with clarity and answers for your life now. My Initiation into the Akashic Records One of my deepest experiences with the Akashic Records is a vivid memory that is so strong, … Read more