Feng Shui For Business with Kathleen Horvath, Author Of Water Rabbit

Learn about Feng Shui for Business with Master Practitioner, Kathleen Horvath and what’s coming for 2023 according to Chinese Astrology in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Shipwrecked on a Deserted Island This interview began with me asking Kathleen about being shipwrecked on an island in the India Ocean! She’d been … Read more

Soul Mates, Karma & Reincarnation with Dr. Andrea Shakarian

Ready to learn about soul mates, karma, and reincarnation? Dr. Andrea Shakarian and I talk about her unique way of uncovering past lives in this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Discovering Soul Mates and Past Lives Dr. Andrea Shakarian is a chiropractor and certified hypnotherapist who has a keen interest and … Read more

Essential Oils for Protection And More With Allison Stillman

Curious about essential oils for protection, anointing, and reprogramming your beliefs? Listen to world renowned Aromatic Alchemist, Allison Stillman in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. I am a huge fan of essential oils and when I use them, I work with the emotional benefits that come from the plants, in the … Read more

The Fairy Realm and Ladies Of The Lake with Bernadette Wulf

The Fairy Realm and Ladies of the Lake come together to help humanity move into the New Earth. Bernadette Wulf reveals the true role of faeries in the Arthurian legend during this mystical interview. (Note: I’m going to be using “faeries” and “fairies” interchangeably throughout this post, so more people can find this episode when … Read more

Trauma And The Soul Blueprint For Service With Robin Clare

You’ll learn about Robin Clare’s ideas regarding trauma and the soul blueprint for service in this eye-opening episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. King Solomon Speaks The conversation with Robin started by asking about her books, and writing, and the King Solomon material specifically. Her books are channeled from the Ascended Masters and … Read more

Sweetness Of Life – A Message From The Honeysuckle Deva

Discover the sweetness of life with this amazing message from the Honeysuckle Deva in this eye-opening Podcast Snack from Breathe Love & Magic. Influx of Higher Frequencies Recently, I’ve been noticing an incredible influx of high frequency vibes that are coming to earth. It feels like every other day there’s some new big thing happening … Read more

Better Conversations With Diana Indries And Better Topics Game

Discover an easy way to have better conversations in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. I’m speaking with Diana Indries, creator of the sensational game called Better Topics, helping couples improve their relationship. Creation of the Better Topics Game I asked Diana how she came up with the idea of this game, … Read more