Spending Time Alone – Celebrating Solitude With Rachel Astarte

Do you avoid spending time alone or relish it? In this episode of Breathe Love and Magic podcast, I speak with Rachel Astarte, the author of Celebrating Solitude about the importance of alone time, looking within and connecting with your higher self. The Importance of Alone Time My guest for this episode of the Breathe … Read more

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The Magic of Nature Spirits, Elemental Beings, and Devas

This episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast is about the fascinating practice of connecting with Nature Spirits and Plant Devas. It always thrills me when I have a conversation with these earth-based spirits, even though I’ve been doing this for years. Discover what happened when I invited the Elementals in my own yard … Read more

Akashic Records Reading – The Gateway To Your Past Life Lessons

Curious about an Akashic Records reading and what you’ll learn about your past lives? The Records offer a deep dive into your previous incarnations, with clarity and answers for your life now. My Initiation into the Akashic Records One of my deepest experiences with the Akashic Records is a vivid memory that is so strong, … Read more

Does He Have a Girlfriend? He Doesn’t Ask Me Out For the Weekend

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Everything You Need To Know About Flirting In The Digital Age Over 35

What is flirting in the digital age? Discover how to flirt, examples of flirting, flirty questions to ask men, flirty texts, and more. Flirting Definition According to Google, flirting is defined as a way of behaving, as though you are attracted to or trying to attract someone’s attention. However, and this is important, even Google … Read more