Dissolve Negative Beliefs With EFT Tapping And Terry Hernon

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Terry Hernon about EFT Tapping and the remarkable transformations that are possible. EFT for Sleeping After her mom passed away, Terry could not get a good night’s sleep. Actually this problem started while she was helping to care for mother. Her sister … Read more

The Magic of Spoon Bending, Intuition, & More

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Desire Vs. Want With Bestselling Erotica Author Angel Johnstone

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How To Start Your Spiritual Journey To Awaken Your Life

Contemplating how to start your spiritual journey? It might seem dauting, but these simple suggestions will help you get on the path and feel more connected. A spiritual journey is all about discovering who you really are. This includes: Opening to a new level of awareness Identifying and clarifying problems Accessing spirit Finding higher level, … Read more

Spiritual Travel And Past Life Memories With Yarra Miller

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Shamanism And The Elemental Goddess With Ashley Renee

In this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, discover wisdom from a female shaman and the Elemental Goddess, Ashley Renee, as we discuss shamanic elements and healing, the power of voice, and even tattoos! Ashley Renee’s Healing Practice Ashley has studied a wide range of healing and shamanic methods and has combined them … Read more