Speaking Languages of the Heart: Deepen Emotional Connection With Love Languages

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7 Easy Tips for Creating Joyful and Healthy Relationships

Longing for connection and love is an intrinsic part of being human. These nurturing relationships are key to your happiness and mental health. Despite its importance, many individuals find it difficult to develop and preserve truly significant connections. For those looking to add more joy to their relationships, here are seven easy-to-follow effective approaches. Why … Read more

Crystals, Ancestor Altars, Magic & More With Leslie McAllister

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Conscious Dating & Mindfulness Helps You Find True Love Faster

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Are You Reliving Groundhog Day? Ask Coach Amanda Kate

In this episode, I’m speaking with Coach Amanda Kate about the repeating patterns in your life that seem like Groundhog’s Day and her new book Divine. Messy. Human. Twin Flame Relationship We started by talking about how she’s in a twin flame relationship and I mentioned how that must not be easy. These relationships are often … Read more

The 7-Minute Shift With Mindset Coach Michelle Sera

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Learn About Clearing Energy With Energy Coach Alida Morrill

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Please Bottle The Art of Surrender And Send It To Me!

Familiar with the art of surrender? In this week’s episode, Soul Guide and Business Coach, Vanessa Broers, shares her story about magic, business, shamanism and divine feminine energy. Authentic and Real Vanessa is all about authenticity and openly reveals where she is on her journey in life and business. After I introduced her, she mentioned … Read more

Meet Kelly Sullivan Walden: Dream Therapist, Author, Speaker, & Reverend

In this week’s episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast, I’m speaking with Kelly Sullivan Walden, Dream Therapist, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Reverend and workshop leader brimming with wit, warmth and wisdom! Hot Air Balloon Crash I started the interview by asking Kelly about her hot air balloon crash. She had taken a large group … Read more

Spiritual Inner Power Coach Helps Women Become The Storm

LaToya Zavala, Spiritual Inner Power Coach, helps women release blocks and triggers to free up from self-sabotage and become more authentic. You’ll hear all about how she made this transformation herself in this episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Domestic Violence Survivor My guest is an amazing woman who is a survivor of … Read more

Amazing Transcension Teacher – Meet Eugenia Oganova

What is Trancension? That is exactly what you are going to find out in this latest episode of the Breathe Love & Magic podcast. Wait until you meet Eugenia Oganova. Defining Transcension According to the Wiktionary, the definition of transcension is the act of transcending, surpassing something, or passing over something making it obsolete. That … Read more