How to Win the Heart of an Alpha Male

how to win the heart of an alpha maleCurious about how to win the heart of an Alpha Male? You’re a successful, single woman ready to find love with the right man. You know exactly what kind of man you want – an alpha male. A man in charge – decisive, confident, successful. A guy who knows what he wants in life and a man with a plan.

How to Attract an Alpha Male

Essentially, as an alpha female you stand on your own two feet, don’t really need a man, and have your own successful career and track record. But maybe you don’t enjoy this same success in romance.

While you find alpha males very appealing, for some reason they aren’t as attracted to you. That’s very puzzling and sort of frustrating. See, a man who can take charge turns you on. But he seems unattainable.

The Secret for How to Win the Heart of an Alpha Man

He’s turned on by a woman’s feminine energy. It piques his masculinity and makes him curious to know more. A feminine woman has a certain charm that makes him feel good about himself and can bring out his best.

What’s the Secret of Your Feminine Charm? What’s that key ingredient that captures the alpha male’s attention and heart?

First let me tell you what it’s NOT. It’s not your staunch independence and success. It’s not how you don’t NEED a man or that you can do anything he can do and perhaps even better. Maybe you rely on your business skills for making deals to get something going with a man. These attitudes are masculine in nature so they will not capture his attention or heart. What will do that? Your Feminine Charm!

OK, What Is Feminine Charm?

Classic feminine charm is warm, inviting and receptive. Would you say you are easy to approach and talk to? Do you appear friendly and open? Do you take good are of yourself, honor yourself, and know you are a great catch? Are you willing to be a little vulnerable?

Being vulnerable is not to the same as being a door mat. Instead, you allow your real self to show. You’re authentic and comfortable in your own skin and with men. But, not as a competitor or business equal – as a woman aligned with her feminine allure and charm.

He Doesn’t Want to Compete With You

See, alpha males aren’t looking to compete with women when it comes to romance. They compete all day long with men and women in business. After hours, they crave something else – balance. That’s why a woman with a soft feminine presence turns a man’s head and captures the heart of an alpha male. She is the balance to his strong masculine essence.

I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that you ”dumb yourself down” or act like someone you’re not. However, if you want to know how to win the heart of an alpha male, I would ask you to find a way to heighten your natural feminine charm. No matter who you are, it’s absolutely part of you. It’s been coded into your DNA for the survival of the human species. Give that part of yourself permission to come forward and shine. Your Inner Goddess is in there, I have no doubt.

Be Inviting and Warm

If you feel confused about what I’m talking about, try this analogy: Customer service versus hospitality. If you ever stayed overnight at a national motel chain, you carried your own bags, registered at the front desk to get your key and saw yourself to your room.

On the other hand, if you ever stayed at a four star hotel, you were greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome. Someone carried your bags and parked your car. The front desk person asked how they could make your stay more comfortable. Staff in the hallways always say a warm hello.

This dramatic difference in hotel experiences shows you the two sides of your personality – the get-it-done  business gal vs. the hospitable hostess. Next time you go out to meet an alpha male, embrace your  inner hostess – warm, approachable and pleasant to be with. Allow this part of your feminine charm to sneak past your own alpha tendencies and see what happens.

Allow Your Feminine Energy To Shine

As you allow your feminine side to blossom, you’ll become more confident and relaxed around men. And how men respond will amaze you. Smile, say hello, be friendly and FLIRT BECAUSE YOU CAN. The power of allure and your feminine charm is hard to resist and practically irresistible.

And, that is how to win the heart of an alpha male – the man you dream of and deserve.

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