Alone on Valentine’s Day? 9 Ways To Love Yourself And Feel Happier

Alone on Valentine’s Day? You may be dreading this holiday, but there is something really powerful about learning how to love yourself and be happy just as you are.

Valentine’s Day Is Ancient, Not New

alone on valentine's dayPeople complain that Valentine’s Day is so commercial, pumped up by Hallmark and other corporations looking for another day of consumerism.

However, Valentine’s Day hearkens back to the Roman Empire. A holiday dedicated to Juno, a Roman Goddess of Love, this holiday celebrated pairing up of young adult girls and boys who were of an age ready for marriage. They stayed together for a period of time and could opt to make it permanent or separate without consequences.

Once the Empire adopted Christianity, this practice became outlawed and punishable. That’s why St. Valentine himself was put to death, he was in the clergy and was secretly marrying young couples who wanted to continue the practice.

Clearly, the idea of expressing love for another is timeless. Yet, the idea of showing yourself love is relatively new and brimming with benefits. The truth is, whether you are alone on Valentine’s Day or not, anyone can benefit from a good dose of self-love!

Why Loving Yourself Is Vital

If you’re single and looking for lasting love, there is almost nothing as important as loving yourself first. When you love yourself, you automatically have more confidence and better self-esteem. Your self-worth climbs high and this makes you very magnetic.

You become capable of establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. Confident women don’t accept men who treat them poorly or don’t make them a priority. They don’t keep extending the benefit of the doubt, giving men chances they don’t deserve.

You also handle rejection better, so when men ghost or stop texting and calling, you don’t fall apart.

When you have strong self-love, you’re happier, have more friends, and feel more fulfilled. You can weather most storms with greater calm and know how to take good care of yourself, soothe your spirit, and nourish your soul.

So, there are a number of pretty strong reasons to make self-love a priority if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. But it goes far deeper than just one day. You want to learn to love yourself EVERY DAY.

9 Ways to Love Yourself and Feel Happier

alone on valentine's dayBelow, you’ll find a list of nine different things you can do to love yourself if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. Choose a couple you like and make them a new part of your daily self-care routine.

1. Love Yourself in the Mirror

Louise Hay was a champion of self-love and mirror work. She had a mirror on her desk that she would look in from time to time to simply say, “I love you”. She believed in praising yourself because over the years she saw the dramatic positive changes in the people who did this practice.

If it’s too hard to say this, start with something less difficult. Maybe you’d be comfortable loving your eyes, your shoulders, your hair, or your legs. Pick something about you to love and go for it!

A great time to do this is while brushing your teeth or putting on your makeup. I’ve also found that I have time while blow-drying my hair for a little self-love.

2. Love Your Cells

I learned this recently and really like it. I send love to every cell in my body. Even if there’s no way you can do the first tip on this list, you can certainly love your cells. There’s nothing confrontational about this.

Your body supports your work on earth, so you can do everything you desire. You want healthy cells doing their best for you. Spend even just one minute sending love to yourself at the cellular level and feel it in your body. It’s wonderful.

Over time, extend the time or try it several times a day. Then work up to loving yourself in the mirror.

3. Love Your Skin

Human touch is vital to our health, mentally and physically. The good news is if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, you can still do this exercise. Nourish your skin by applying lotion. Maybe you are one of the few people who make this part of your daily ritual, but most people do not.

If you already have lotion, that’s great. If not buy yourself something yummy for Valentine’s Day. Give yourself this gift. Maybe you’ll choose a coconut butter, shea butter, or some other super emollient and wonderfully scented product. Then be sure to love your skin while you apply it.

4. Love Your Coffee or Tea

Love is a vibration. All emotion, like everything else on the planet (and elsewhere) is made of energy, and all energy has a frequency. The vibration of love is very high. Since the human body is made up of 60% water, it vibrates as well.

That means your emotions directly affect how you vibrate.

If you want to raise your vibration and feel happier, you can do this easily. Before you drink that first cup of tea or coffee, put your hands on the cup and imagine sending love into the liquid. Fill that cup with LOVE.

(I’m doing this right now as I sit at my desk and write this post!)

Then, as you drink your morning beverage (or anytime of day) you are ingesting love. Take that love energy into your body and allow it to circulate through your system.

Ahhh, that’s some cup of coffee isn’t it? Are you loving this yet? If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to a high quality brand of your favorite morning beverage – then fill it with love because  you deserve it.

5. Love Your Shower

I learned this self-love tip from Cheryl Richardson who wrote the book, You Can Live an Exceptional Life with Louise Hay. In fact, you can get their video class free when you sign up for the Hay House newsletter – I did it and LOVED it.

Cheryl claimed that she had anxiety every time she took a shower, so she never looked forward to it. Thinking about it more, she realized why – she worried about her day the entire time in the shower!

Realizing this, she put a sign up in her shower saying she would be showered with happy thoughts all day long. Isn’t that awesome? I shower myself with love, good health, fun, and abundance.

What do you want to shower yourself with? Imagine what is possible!

Discover eight ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day if you are single.

6. Love To Move

alone on valentine's dayIn the past, I never really enjoyed exercise. Some people LOVE to move and can’t wait to go to the gym and sweat. For me, it was a struggle to get up and move.

But today, I see it as a privilege my body affords me. Use it or lose it babe! I still don’t love to exercise, but when I think about how good it is to move my body, and how lucky I am that I can, I’m a lot more willing to do it.

Find some kind of movement and exercise you enjoy and go for it! You’ll be loving your body, which is wonderful self-care.

7.  Love Your Friends

Until just last week, I had never heard of Galentine’s Day. It all started with Amy Poehler’s character on the TV show Parks and Rec. She decided to show her girlfriends some love at a brunch where she gave them gifts and celebrated their friendship.

I immediately made a Pinterest Board for Galentine’s Day – this holiday has taken off like CRAZY! Celebrate your gal pals if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day without a man and love them for how much they enrich your life.

There is nothing in the world like your girlfriends.

8. Love Nature

When you step back and think about it – this earth is amazing. Think about the warmth of the sunshine on your face. Or raindrops for that matter.

Soon the crocuses will pop their little heads above the frozen ground and burst forth with white, yellow, or purple blooms. That is one of the happiest sights for me ALL YEAR because that signals spring is near.

You can count on the change of seasons (at least up here in the Northeast), the full moon arriving once every 28 days or so, and the stars in the night sky. You can count on the sun rising again tomorrow.

Nature is beautiful and you are a part of nature. When you take in nature, marvel at it, and feel one with it by going for a walk in the woods, or by the shore, your energy connects with all there is. A calm settles over you.

Nature is something to LOVE and you are a part of it. Get out in nature and you will feel happier immediately.

9. Love What Is Good

Okay, maybe everything in your life isn’t going your way right now. You might wish you had a boyfriend, or were married. Maybe you want a new job, a new house, or want a vacation. Nothing is perfect.

But what about all the good that does exist for you? Love what IS GOOD NOW!

Maybe you love your car, how you decorated your bedroom, or to paint or play golf. You might love your job, your plants, or learning about astrology. Perhaps you love your family, your pets, and pepperoni pizza.

There is plenty of good in your life and it’s your assignment to find it, notice it, and be GRATEFUL for it! People who practice gratitude are always happier. Gratitude is also contagious and attractive.

When you feel grateful for what is good, you will attract even more of that! Pretty great right?

Plenty to Love

So, there you have it nine ways to love yourself and feel happier if you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. And each one is simple. Imagine what your life would be like if you tried just one way? Imagine if you did them all!

Find the LOVE in your life that’s available right now and appreciate the heck out of it. Maybe next year, you’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with the man of your dreams.

Lots of Love to You!!!




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