Akashic Records Reading – The Gateway To Your Past Life Lessons

Curious about an Akashic Records reading and what you’ll learn about your past lives? The Records offer a deep dive into your previous incarnations, with clarity and answers for your life now.

My Initiation into the Akashic Records

my initiation into the akashic recordsOne of my deepest experiences with the Akashic Records is a vivid memory that is so strong, it’s like I am still in it.

I set my intention to visit the Akashic Records library and entered a meditative state. Next, I imagined the library in my mind. Walking in, I was greeted by a spirit guide or librarian who sent me some energy, which was quite surprising.

My body began buzzing and I was surrounded by a sparkly, golden light I saw with my eyes closed. The light moved through the center of my body and up through my neck to my head.

The shimmering energy popped out the top of my head, circling it several times, creating what looked like a halo (don’t worry, I’m no angel, LOL). I can still feel the chills even now as I type this.

This powerful effervescent feeling has happened many times along my spiritual path. I’ve come to know it as a sign that I’ve reached a higher dimension and information than available to me in my waking, everyday life.

Having this experience was my initiation into the Akashic Records. I’ve had other initiations throughout my life and each one is quite memorable. For me, offering an Akashic Records reading is one of the most fun and exciting things I do. And sharing that information is a profound experience that my clients enjoy as well.

A Quick History of the Akashic Records

a history of the Akashic recordsJudaism, Christianity, and Islam all share the same Bible (Old Testament) which mentions the Book of Life, and how God records your thoughts and deeds to determine if you will go to heaven.

Buddhist sacred texts also speak of a record of all souls from the beginning of human life. The same is true for Jainism and Hinduism. However, other ancient civilizations acknowledge this spiritual resource, such as ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Egyptians, and more.

Today, people around the world believe these texts all refer to the Akashic Records, which offer a wealth of information about your many past lives, present, and future potential.

In western culture, a few stand-out spiritually-minded people visited the Akashic Records including:

  • Helena Blavatsky (mid 1800s), founder of the Theosophical Society
  • Rudolph Steiner, (early 1900s) founder of the Anthroposophy Society, accessed and talked about the Akashic Records in their work
  • Edgar Cayce (early 1900s), world renown psychic, trance-channel, and accomplished author, accessed the Akashic Records for his readings

Then, in 1997, Linda Howe published How to Read the Akashic Records, which many consider to be the go-to handbook on accessing the Akashic Records. She brought her method to spiritual seekers in modern times, making the records available to anyone for the first time.

Since the late 90s, lots of other authors have written books on this topic, and Amazon has more than 1,000 options to choose from!

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What Are the Akashic Records?

what are the akashic recordsLet’s take a step back for a moment. First, there is something called the Akashic Field that is a real energy field and does exist. Current scientific research from quantum mechanics is working to prove its existence and may have already done so.

According to Deepak Chopra, the Akashic Field is eternal, infinite, beyond space and time, and the source from which everything emerges. He says it’s like a field of possibilities from which the universe arises.

Everything in the Universe is connected and entwined. That’s why your future is not static. It changes as you and the people in your life shift about. The past influences the future, but the future can also altar the past. There is no linear time in the Akashic Field, so it can be a bit mind boggling

Akasha is  a Sanskrit word meaning “ether” and from the root word “Kas”, meaning sky, invisible, or open space. You cannot touch or see the Akasha, but that doesn’t mean its not real.

People who have studied the Akashic Records believe this is a limitless library of detailed records regarding your soul’s journey. Everything you’ve done, present and past, has been recorded.

Your careers, health, interests and skills, family, friends, and romantic relationships are all noted. Some say your future lives and possibilities are available there too, which change and adapt based on everything you do today.

The Difference Between Akashic Records and Intuition

the difference between intuition and the Akashic recordsWith the surge of interest in mysticism and spirituality over the last 20 years, reading Akashic Energy is becoming far more common. Countless practitioners are available in America and across the globe.

There are two schools of thought on how to open the Akashic Records. One camp believes in formal training with an expert, offering a structured, step-by-step process. They say this is the only true way to properly access the Akashic Records.

On the other hand, people like me access the records with their intuition. I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, which get’s me to the deepest information fairly directly.

The difference is basically a preference. You’ll get accurate and helpful information either way. I will say that my process can get to the heart of the matter with fewer steps, avoiding a series of created rules that are not essential.

One expert who has developed her own simplified method, told me that the people who brought the methods to the masses came from a religious background. This is the reason they created prayers, have formal rules, and refer to God.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against using a formal process or specific prayers, it’s just not how I connect with the Akashic Energy.

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What Can You Ask in the Records?

what can you ask the Akashic recordsWhatever you want to know from the past, present, or future is available. For example, you might ask about:

  • Did you know your boyfriend, husband, or ex before?
  • Were you with your parents in the past?
  • What kind of career paths from your past influence your choices today?
  • Are any of the places you have traveled to in this life related to your previous lives?
  • Do you have blocks about money that are the result of past life conditions?
  • Do your talents or skills today link back to earlier lifetimes?

In fact, people can access the records themselves for creative purposes, like writing, painting, and more. The best questions are open-ended allowing details to be discovered. You want to avoid Yes/No questions, since this inquiry format doesn’t allow you to learn or see how things are connected.

When I do readings, for the most part, I am focused on finding a deeper understanding and solutions for my clients and myself.  That means I am seeking answers to your questions and how to resolve situations if possible.

My purpose is to help people gain a higher-level of understanding about what has happened before and how to use this information today for your highest good.

When it comes to questions about your future, the answers are possibilities of what might happen, but free will impacts every aspect of your life.

How to Open the Akashic Records – Linda Howe

What’s great about accessing the Records is that you can actually do this yourself. It helps if you are familiar with meditation or higher states of consciousness, but it’s not a requirement. Your willingness and intent is the most important aspect of gaining entry to the library.

Many readers have been trained with the Linda Howe method and therefore believe you must say the Pathway Prayer to open the Records. This is not necessary, but a preference that works well for many readers.

If you enjoy and feel more comfortable with structure, get Linda’s book and follow her steps. Following her prescribed method will certainly deliver the insights you seek.

According to Linda, you have to ask to open the Records and when you feel complete, you need to close them. I don’t see why this is needed. Is source not available to us 24/7? Does God or the Universe have office hours?

What I do like about her prayer is the centering request to work for the highest good of all concerned. That sets your intention beautifully. It also helps ensure you only share what is helpful to the parties involved, which is respectful.

How to Open the Akashic Records – Teri Uktena

how to open the Akashic recordsTeri Uktena also offers a structured technique, but its quite different than Linda’s. Teri suggests a visual approach, first connecting with an animal spirit totem, then a librarian once inside the Records.

For me (and of course this is what works for me), I adore her prayer to enter the Records. I can’t seem to find it online, but it starts with:

“I spread my wings in the temple of life.”

Being completely transparent, anything that involves me having wings captures my attention! Her short invocation sets the intention to open your heart to love and feel one with all there is. This is an ideal way to reach higher dimension!

What Is an Akashic Records Reading Like?

Many readers do a lot of prep work prior to a reading and then after, devising healing protocols, etc. That’s lovely, but it all takes quite a bit of extra time, which is why most Akashic Records readings are so expensive.

The way I conduct a reading is simpler. I connect with you, your energy, and your question. When I access the Akashic Field for you, I’m there with you the whole time. Sometimes my eyes are closed, but then I also work with my eyes open to see and acknowledge you.

I’m not in a trance or somewhere out there in the etheric field. I’m grounded and available at the same time I’m tapping into the higher realms. This makes my readings exceptionally practical and down-to-earth, with solutions you can use and apply in your life.

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Examples of Akashic Records Readings


But an Akashic Records reading doesn’t have to be all serious. Some clients come to me for what I call their “World Tour.” Many people are just curious about who they were in the past.

What is SO fascinating about the process is that as I talk about their past lives and what they did, it most often corresponds to what is happening in their current day life right now.

For example, I told one woman she was a tiger tamer, working in a palace in India and she could talk to the tigers telepathically. She told me today, when asked what kind of animal she would be, she always chooses, “a tiger.” That’s no coincidence!

Another person was a beekeeper in the past and also kept bees in this life. Then, there was the woman who was a Madame in Paris and friendly with Benjamin Franklin. She has had countless signs of Ben in her life today, including her family calling her Bennie as a child.

A favorite story of mine is about a woman who rounded up rats in a European village (sort of like the Pied Piper). I had no idea she worked with rats today in a biology lab. She said people called her, “The Rat Lady” and we had a good laugh over that!

Curious about Your Past Lives?

If you’re ready to learn about your past and find answers to burning questions, book an Akashic Records reading to obtain the insights you’re seeking. Learn more here and register for your reading today.


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