Success Stories

Happy Client Comments

“Your book Manifesting Mr. Right changed my life.

I read it last August after a breakup from a short relationship. I wanted to give up until I read your book. I went on a trip for my 50th birthday (Sept 2020) and decided when I returned I would try again. I got on Bumble and within a few days I met the man of my dreams. He came in a different package than I ever expected – a cowboy living in a rural area and I am a nurse living a beach life. Needless to say I’m moving to that rural life and couldn’t be more excited. We have dreams, are building a house together and have discussed marriage. So….thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


I’m in a Committed Relationship!

Before Ronnie’s coaching, online dating was a mystery to me. But with her coaching (and the profile she wrote) I learned how to approach this whole thing differently which changed everything. She helped me reframe the idea of meeting new men which made it a heck of a lot easier and I grew more confident. In turn, I attracted better quality men. Now I’m in a committed relationship and I wasn’t sure that would ever happen for me. Call Ronnie and you’ll benefit from her down to earth wisdom and genuine support like I did.

ValerieNew Hampshire
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Just Got Engaged!

“Coaching with Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things all wrong! Once I put her methods and advice to work, the difference was amazing. What I learned was invaluable. Her insights, especially around femininity and letting the guy lead, are profound. It’s also really fun. I met the most wonderful man and he is wildly in love with me! We just got engaged.

Being a widow in my 50s, I never thought I find another good man and without your help I don’t think I would have. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Dating My Dream Man

Ronnie, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible guidance because I’m now dating my dream man! I found him and he found me – it’s so magical. With your help I saw how I often went down the wrong path with my approach to dating. Now I know how to be strong within myself, be more authentic on a date and cut my losses quickly when I meet a man who doesn’t fit my needs. It all payed off with Kevin! You helped me to really see that love is my destiny – honestly that alone changed everything.


Here’s My Wedding Photo

“Thought I’d share a wedding photo with you – all of your great advice sure is a good part of why I found and MARRIED the right guy for me!  I still read, recommend and follow your monthly advice — even more important when married I think!”

AmyHollywood, CA

Head Over Heels

Ronnie, I met Jack with my first try at online dating two years ago. Just this Christmas, we became a committed couple by becoming engaged! We are both “head over heels!” Many thanks for all your great advice from your books and during group sessions where you shared your sage advice – it all worked! I can’t thank you enough.


Ronnie Changed My Life!

“Working with Ronnie changed my life. She helped me understand the dating strategies that work. Her methods helped me feel confident and shift my mindset to be more realistic about what to expect and handle rejection more easily. I dumped my baggage which was limiting me and keeping me from finding love.

Then bam! I met this great guy and it has been so easy from that point on. This relationship is looking really good and I am so excited. If you are serious about getting into a relationship, you’ve got to talk to Ronnie.”

dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan

My Self Doubt Melted Away – Now I’m Married!

At first I wondered if I could really find love using Ronnie’s method, but as the weeks went by I started noticing single men everywhere. Even better I made sure I talked to as many as I could. I actually gave myself a goal of talking to at least three men each time I attended an event (i.e., the Museum of Fine Arts First Friday, a Boston Ski and Sports dinner or even drinks after work).

My inhibitions and self-doubt melted away as I got more and more practice. I competed with a friend to keep myself motivated and it worked! I met over 63 men!

Now I’m married to a wonderful guy who I don’t think I ever would have considered if I hadn’t built up my skills in your program. I tell all my friends about you since following your advice help me achieve my goal – marrying an amazing man!”


Dating My Ideal Man

“Before working with Ronnie, I hated online dating and honestly I went kicking and screaming. I told her I couldn’t do it and was going to shut it all down. Ronnie talked me through this during my private coaching session and later that same day I met the most incredible man.

Chris is the ideal man for me and he gives me everything I want. It’s a little shocking in a good way that finding love with the right man is really possible.  And if it wasn’t for Ronnie, I would never be in this relationship.

What really changed things for me was the accountability – I did my homework because I had promised. Sometimes you just needed that extra push. And she helped me be far more conscious to take control of finding love and get active as opposed to sitting around hoping to find the right guy.

This investment in my life has been the best ever! You’ve got to be in it to win it. Learning to trust and be open again and that I’ll be OK made the difference. I highly recommend you do this for yourself – it’s so worth it!

SabrinaNew York City

Stopped Being Afraid and Found Love

“Ronnie, thank you so much for your compassionate dating coaching which helped me start dating again after years. With your help, I changed my approach completely, learned how to use online dating to my advantage, set boundaries and flirt using my feminine charm.  That made a huge difference.

Your suggestions and strategies all worked great!

And now I’m happy to say I’ve been dating my dream man for over a year! In my late 50’s I was so afraid I’d never find love again. I thought for sure love had passed me by and I would face the rest of my life alone. Thanks for holding my hand through the dating process which I had been terrified of.

I want to encourage other women to work with you too, so they can get the same fabulous results!


With Ronnie’s Help, It’s Now Raining Men!

I sometimes have 3-5 dates in a week and am having the time of my life. Ronnie will show you how to make online dating work for you like you never dreamed was possible before.

Here’s the secret: Just follow the plan. The things Ronnie suggests aren’t hard.

Once I gave myself permission to be open and approachable my life changed! She told me to smile at men, say hi, talk about anything even the weather. She explained how to use your feminine energy where I had always felt silly before doing these things and it worked!

She tweaked my online profile – I’d been online on and off for a couple of very frustrating, soul crushing years. Now the response has been amazing! Thank you for rocking my world!

dating coach

Before Working With Ronnie, I Was Clueless

Dating in your 40’s is very different from your 20’s.  I dipped my toe into what felt like shark-infested online dating waters and quickly withdrew after a few wacky encounters.  I read lots of books, but I didn’t know who to trust.  And don’t get me started on the well-meaning, but misguided advice from friends.

Ronnie is pragmatic and maybe even a fairy godmother who sprinkles fairy dust on you or knocks you gently on the head with her wand as needed.

We looked at my misguided beliefs about men, love and relationships and identified my must have’s and deal breakers. Then she helped me develop a strategy to meet men both online and off.  Priceless!

Now dating is easier having a strategy and positive beliefs about myself and men.  Going on dates is easier because I’m just focused on whether we might be compatible, not trying to prove anything. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is I’m the prize, not the guy. 

Ronnie is knowledgeable, funny, warm and super compassionate. She won’t sugarcoat things – she’ll tell you straight. She’ll help you look at your own stuff and how it’s getting in the way.

And most importantly you’ll have a guide who knows what she’s talking about and will support you every step of the way. Working with Ronnie has been a fantastic experience for me, and I’m so thankful to her.

dating coach

Engaged at 63!

I decided to work with Ronnie after a terrible, heartbreaking experience with online dating. I had serious issues trusting men after dealing with scammers. She wrote my profile and I met a LOT of men.

After dating 15 men, #16 stuck! James and I are coming up on 11 months and are going strong. We share the same faith, values and many similar interests. And, we are both young at heart.

I’ve never felt so loved and cherished. I adore him and he feels likewise. He encourages me every single day, tells me I’m beautiful and sexy. He brings me flowers for no reason and has been a gentleman from the start.

We just got engaged and marriage is in our future. Everyone sees how happy we are, even strangers. I never knew I could be treated so well. What a blessing to be in love at this stage of life – I’m 63! Thank you Ronnie!

Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan

Feel More in Control and Optimistic

“I’ve been dating a wonderful man for 3 months now and wanted to thank you for all your help! I learned so much, particularly how to avoid dating disasters. With your insightful guidance, I feel so much more in control and equipped to navigate the dating waters. It’s been a blessing having you by my side. I am very grateful for your advice and encouragement through the ups and downs of dating.”


Couldn’t Be Happier

“Once I decided to work with Ronnie, she gently held me accountable to follow through on my goals in a compassionate way. This encouraged me to keep promises to myself which in the past I might have wiggled out of.

So, when it came time to go to the singles dance, I went even though I didn’t want to go at all. Good thing I did because I met the man I’ve been with for two joyous years and couldn’t be happier. He is everything I have been looking for but didn’t think I would ever find. But I have!

Ronnie has tons of very helpful information that‘s specific to my situation like how to flirt. She encouraged me relax and be authentic and myself which made all the difference.”


Found My Match

Deciding to work with Ronnie has made all the difference – to really focus on my desire for love rather than filling my life with other things. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy all my activities. But previously I pushed my desire for love out of my mind because I didn’t think it was possible.

Admitting it’s OK to want love has been freeing and rewarding too.

Ronnie also helped me see how important it is to build my intention around finding love which has been amazing. Her guidance for making sure a man is available – really available – has been eye-opening and so insightful.

She wrote a dating profile that delivered an astonishing number of quality men and now I’m dating a man who is a great match for me. Thank you Ronnie!”

dating coach for women

Finally Meeting Great Men

“If I hadn’t decided to work with Ronnie, I’d still be thinking about dating but not doing anything. With Ronnie’s coaching, I feel stronger now, more encouraged and have a lot more clarity about the dating process and what to do.  And, I’m meeting men!


Found a Gem

“With your support, I’ve turned over a lot of rough stones, but now I’ve found a gem of a guy! Thanks so much Ronnie for helping me with the sifting process and making it so much easier to understand.

AnnieWilton, CT

I’m Dating Again!

“The good news is – I’m dating again in my 50s! And, I’m happy to give most of the credit to you. Your insights, encouragement and tips have been incredibly helpful.”

MarcyColchester, CT

Went from Lost All Hope to Dating

“Before working with Ronnie, I had didn’t have a good attitude – I had lost all hope. But after my first four coaching sessions, things really started to change. Not only did the quantity of dates increase but the quality of the men improved too!

All of a sudden, there were so many men in my life that I had to choose between them! Ronnie’s advice and belief in me made all the difference.”

HoneyMarblehead, MA

More Relaxed – I Met the Man of My Dreams!

“Through Ronnie’s coaching and program,  I opened my eyes to see the men in my town – I thought there weren’t any! Then I learned how to relax about dating and become my true self around men. This helped me feel more confident and that is when everything started to change.

Ronnie showed me how to use my feminine charm so men approached me – that made all the difference in my dating results. I met the man of my dreams – yeah! Thank you!”

CarolWest Hartford, CT

Learning Self Respect and Love

“Ronnie, your coaching has already been very useful to me.  I’d recently been contacted by a beloved ex and I was finally able to draw the line to tell him I cannot be your friend. I know to most that sounds pretty simple but for me it’s huge. I’m learning to love and respect myself.  So, thank you!”

JackieBaltimore, MD

Dating 2 Great Men!

“When I started coaching, I have to admit I didn’t have the best outlook on dating. But after working with Ronnie for six sessions and following her suggestions, I ended up dating not one, but two great men.

Then I had to choose and Ronnie guided me through that process as well. Don’t hesitate to get coaching support – it really works.”

MargieFalmouth, MA

Ronnie’s Humor and Intuition Rock

“I chose Ronnie as my coach, because she demonstrated from real life that she could accomplish what she set out to do – find a good man and marry him! Her approach, using humor is key and the intuition is a plus. I no longer feel embarrassed about looking for a mate. Thanks to Ronnie, I have lightened up, feel more hopeful and am getting out there.” 

JaneWestport, CT

Feeling Far More Positive

“Working with Ronnie, I realized that the little moments, like getting a cup of coffee and waiting for the train, are just as important on the dating journey as the big date. Keeping the goal of finding a mate top-of-mind no matter what I’m doing, helps me to realize everyday is filled with countless opportunities to meet the man of my dreams!”

MarthaNorwalk, CT

Connected with the Abundance of Men

“Ronnie introduced me to the concept of abundance and I really connected with it. Suddenly, there are so many men. I can now meet a man, decide if I’m interested and if not, move on to the next. I’m enjoying each man, since they all bring something different to the table.

I don’t take their rejection personally anymore either. This is a wonderful new phase of dating for me!”

LouiseWest Haven, CT

Digital Dating Makeover

“Once Ronnie helped me focus my profile on who I was looking for, what a change in the responses! Her insights also helped my profile sound more like me than every woman on there. Suddenly the right men who fit my description started responding and popped on the scene. Thanks Ronnie!”

GailSaybrook, CT

Ronnie’s Profile Was SO Good

“I tried writing my profile on my own and I just couldn’t think of what to say. Working with Ronnie, she was so creative and helped me not only figure out what to say, but say it in a fun and interesting way. I couldn’t have done it without her!”

KathrynProvidence, RI

Never Would Have Thought Dating Could Be a Blast!

“Ronnie, thanks so much for your Digital Dating Makeover. You are right! There are quality men on Match – A LOT more than I dreamed. I’m keeping an open mind as we discussed and connecting with a good number of men! This is so exciting! I never thought dating could be fun after 50 but I’m having a blast.”

AbbyNew York City, NY

We’re Now Exclusive

“I decided to get serious about meeting a man and having a relationship and so I hired Ronnie. After just four weeks of private coaching sessions with her, I met a wonderful fellow on Match. We’re now dating him exclusively!

Ronnie’s coaching and advice are priceless. She’s helping me maneuver through the phases of relationship now and really knows her stuff.

I’m indebted to her for not only meeting a great guy, but for understanding me and correcting the mistakes I made in past relationships. She is a gem of a dating coach!


Found My Soulmate!

Working with Ronnie was wonderful! She broke down my resistance to opening my heart to love, and she did it in a funny way so that I laughed at myself rather than condemn myself. I listened to her CD I Believe as well and my confidence grew.

Ronnie is so positive and encouraging – I would recommend her to anyone looking for love!


My Romantic Life Was Over – Now I’m Dating Up a Storm

“Two years ago, a guy I really thought was “the one” dumped me and I was heartbroken.  Since that time, I hadn’t met anyone who remotely tweaked my interest.  Now over 50, I began to think “my romantic life is over”.  Then I signed up for Ronnie’s coaching.

I wasn’t looking for “the love of my life”; I simply wanted a little romance back and some handsome, interesting, accomplished men to date.  Internet dating and singles events weren’t for me.  But I made time to go to parties and other business/social events and followed Ronnie’s advice about flirting whenever I went out – even for groceries.

Ronnie’s system works! The regular calls keep you accountable and her off-line guidance through emails etc. is particularly encouraging. Within six weeks, attractive, available men were showing up everywhere and suddenly, I was being courted by four of them!

Thanks Ronnie – your help made a HUGE difference.”

BeverlyNew York City

I’m Proof Your Coaching Works!

My fiancé and I are marrying in three weeks. I met him online about 1 year and  four months ago. Although I dated others and him for the first month or so, he soon asked me to be exclusive and the rest is history.

Thanks for all of the work you do with all of us who want to find lasting love! I am 55, with two special needs son, so I am proof that your tips and coaching work!

BrendaPasadena, CA

Getting Married Next Weekend

I took one Ronnie’s workshops early last year. I found the class to be very practical with a ton of useful advice. Above all, it gave me the courage to “get out there”. Why am I telling you this? I’m getting married next weekend. Thanks for that little push!

TinaChicago, IL

Put It Out to the Universe

“You were so right Ronnie. If you put it out to the Universe, it comes back to you. I planted a seed in the fall and it’s blooming now in the spring. Last fall, after taking your program, I met my Mom’s plumber who was at her house fixing her sink. We chatted a bit, then left.

When my Mom went to pay him, she asked a few personal questions and mentioned that she knew someone who was interested in him. He was dating someone at the time.

Four months later after a break up, he called my Mom to ask who was interested. The result – he called me and I’ve been seeing him for three fabulous months!”

LauriePortsmouth, NH

Thanks for Your Help

“I greatly appreciated your advice, helping me to understand about dating today. I like how you put it, “It’s like data gathering.” Thanks so much for your support. You really are helping a lot of people who are back in the dating scene.”

DianeWakefield, RI

Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone – Now I’m Engaged!

“After taking one of your programs, I wanted you to know what a difference your encouragement and feedback made for me. Good news! I went out on a limb, signed up online and eventually got matched with a great guy and now we are engaged!

When I stepped out of my comfort zone, that’s when things opened up for me. Thanks from the heart.”

LindaCheshire, CT