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Dating Success Testimonials


“Thought I’d share a wedding photo with you – your newsletter and all of your great advice sure is part of the reason why I found and MARRIED the right guy for me!  I still read, recommend and follow your monthly advice — even more important when married I think! “ Amy in Hollywood, CA

Dating Coach, finding true love

“When I started coaching with Ronnie, I realized I had been doing things all wrong! Once I put her methods and advice to work, the difference was amazing. What I learned was invaluable. Her insight, especially around femininity and letting the guy lead, are profound. It’s also really fun. I met the most wonderful man and he is wildly in love with me! We just got engaged. Thank you, thank you, thank you.“ Patti in VT

“I attended one of your classes last year and wanted you to know what a difference your encouragement and feedback made for me. Good news! I went out on a limb, signed up online and eventually got matched with a great guy and now we are engaged! When I stepped out of my comfort zone, that’s when things opened up for me. Thanks from the heart.”  Linda in Cheshire, CT

“You were so right Ronnie. If you put it out to the Universe, it comes back to you. I planted a seed in the fall and it’s blooming now in the spring. Last fall, after taking your class, I met my Mom’s plumber who was at her house fixing her sink. We chatted a bit, then left. When my Mom went to pay him, she asked a few personal questions and mentioned that she knew someone who was interested in him. He was dating someone at the time.

Four months later after a break up, he called my Mom to ask who was interested. The result – he called me and I’ve been seeing him for three fabulous months!”  Laurie in Portsmouth, NH

“With your support, I’ve turned over a lot of rough stones, but now I’ve found a gem of a guy! Thanks so much Ronnie for helping me with the sifting process and making it so much easier to understand.”  Annie in Wilton, CT

“Before working with Ronnie, I had didn’t have a good attitude – I had lost all hope. But after my first four coaching sessions, things really started to change. Not only did the quantity of dates increase but the quality of the men improved too! All of a sudden, there were so many men in my life that I had to choose between them! Ronnie’s advice and belief in me made all the difference.”  Honey in Marblehead, MA

“The good news is – I’m dating again! And, I’m happy to give most of the credit to you. Your insights, encouragement and tips have been incredibly helpful.”  Marcy in Colchester, CT

“I greatly appreciated your advice, helping me to understand about dating today. I like how you put it, “It’s like data gathering.” Thanks so much for your support. You really are helping a lot of people who are back in the dating scene.”  Diane in Wakefield, RI

Dating Coaching Testimonials

“Through Ronnie’s coaching, I learned how to relax about dating and become my true self around men. This helped me to feel more confident and that is when everything started to work. Ronnie showed me how to use my feminine charm so the men  approached me – that made all the difference in my dating results. I met the man of my dreams – yeah! Thank you!”  Carol in West Hartford, CT

“Ronnie, your coaching has already been very useful to me.  I’d recently been contacted by a beloved ex and I was finally able to draw the line to tell him I cannot be your friend. I know to most that sounds pretty simple but for me . . . huge, I’m learning to love and respect myself.  So, thank you!”  Jackie in Baltimore, MD

“When I started coaching, I have to admit I didn’t have the best outlook on dating. But after working with Ronnie for six sessions and following her suggestions, I ended up dating not one, but two great men. Then I had to choose and Ronnie guided me through that process as well. Don’t hesitate to get coaching support – it really works.”
Margie in Falmouth, MA

“I chose Ronnie as my coach, because she demonstrated from real life that she could accomplish what she set out to do – find a good man and marry him! Her approach, using humor is key and the intuition is a plus. I no longer feel embarrassed about looking for a mate. Thanks to Ronnie, I have lightened up, feel more hopeful and am getting out there.”  Jane in Westport, CT

“Working with Ronnie, I realized that the little moments, like getting a cup of coffee and waiting for the train, are just as important on the dating journey as the big date. Keeping the goal of finding a mate top of mind no matter what I’m doing, helps me to realize that everyday is filled with countless opportunities to meet the man of my dreams!”  Martha in Norwalk, CT

“Ronnie introduced me to the concept of abundance and I really connected with it. Suddenly, there are so many men. I can now meet a man, decide if I’m interested and if not, move on to the next. I’m enjoying each man, since they all bring something different to the table. I don’t take their rejection personally anymore either. This is a wonderful new phase!”  Louise in West Haven, CT

“Ronnie’s dating coaching has helped me shift my thinking, follow the best course of action and handle delicate situations. She has an uncanny ability to quickly grasp the situation, offer practical advice and encourage me to trust my own instincts above all else.”  Jill in Boston, MA

“Through the coaching process, Ronnie helped me create a “dating action plan” and then she really held me accountable to follow through. And I did! I’ve been meeting lots of men and keeping my focus on finding the right one for me. Thanks Ronnie, for encouraging me to get out there.”  Deb in Westfield, NJ

Workshop & Group Dating Coaching Testimonials

 “Hi Ronnie, I took one of your workshops early last year. I found the class to be very practical with a ton of useful advice. Above all, it gave me the courage to “get out there”. Why am I telling you this? I’m getting married next weekend. Thanks for that little push!“
~ Tina

“This entire course (How to Sizzle vs. Fizzle Online) has been a delight.  Wise, sensible, encouraging.  Thanks, Ronnie!”  Diane, CT

“Ronnie, your teleclass was very helpful and felt so supportive. I loved the specifics – you are Like a Fairy Godmother!!!!!!!!!!” Darlene in MD

“I just wanted to thank you immensely for your teleconference Confidence is Sexy. One thing I learned from the session is that the first step to re-gaining confidence and poise is to know that we’re NOT alone in our fears. That itself is enough to take a bit of the edge off the “scary” world of dating! And as an avid film fan, I LOVED your analogies to popular flicks. It shows that a personal situation can be pretty universal and can bring just the right amount of comfort and inspiration to take a tiny chance. I flirted and talked with two men this week! Most importantly, I learned that it just takes a tiny shift for bits of magic to happen. Many hugs.” Maggie in Chicago, IL

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the vision board workshop!  You have given me a lot of inspiration.  Now that I’m back home, I  read parts of the book and it is helping me rid myself of my ex, especially the chapter on red flags.   I also chanted this morning , put my vision board in my kitchen and am planning my Feng Shui  LOVE corner of my bedroom. I know you have put me on the right path -thank you!”  Leanne in Middletown, CT

“Ronnie’s workshops are a wonderful experience and I highly recommend your classes to others. Here are a few things I gained from working with you. 1) You guided me through a series of steps to evaluate my current relationship. 2) I got much more clear on the qualities I want in a partner. 3) I learned new techniques for building trust in my relationship. 4) I enjoyed meeting other great women in the class and now have friends to go out with! Sign up for one of her workshops soon.”  Kim in Rye, NY

“Participating in Ronnie’s workshop opened my mind to a world of possibilities that are out there waiting for me. After the workshop I felt uplifted and knew I could continue to move forward in my search for a mate. I often think, “What would Ronnie say?” and can almost hear her words of wisdom keep me on the path.”  Debbie in Westport, CT

“I took Ronnie’s workshop in Boston and loved it! I learned a lot and it was fun. Now I have met someone special and am totally thrilled. I would recommend anyone to take your class. It points your head and heart in the right direction. Thank you.”
Suzanne in Boston, MA

“Ronnie was so comfortable with looking for a mate, I was entranced. I have felt if I admitted I wanted a mate, I would be shaming myself and my entire family. Then I saw how clear she was going about dating in a direct, freeing approach. I no longer feel embarrassed. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG ABOUT THIS! Yippee!”  Diana in Westport, CT

“As an instructor, Ronnie really knows how to run a class. She had great stories and shared her experiences freely to help all of us learn and grow. I had a great time and have a new attitude about dating and looking for a mate.”  Candi in  Greenwich, CT

“It’s nice to know I’m not the only single woman around. We all shared, found new perspectives and had fun! It was a very helpful experience.”  Louise in West Haven, CT

“I was totally inspired by Ronnie’s coaching. She worked with each of us to uncover our limiting beliefs and find out what’s holding us back. I learned so much just from listening to the other women and could see myself in them as they shared their stories.”  Beth in Bridgeport, CT

“Wow – I thought I had forgotten how to flirt, but the truth is, I just need to relax! I get tense around men that actually have potential. I discovered what would really help, is to take the pressure off and be myself. Ronnie really knows what she’s doing. Thank you!”  Lauren -in Trumbull, CT

Dating Profile Writing Testimonials

“Once Ronnie helped me focus my profile regarding who I was looking for, what a change in the responses! Suddenly the right men who fit my description started responding and popped on the scene.”  Gail in Saybrook, CT

“I tried writing my profile on my own and I just couldn’t think of what to say. Working with Ronnie, she was so creative and helped me not only figure out what to say, but say it in a fun and interesting way. I couldn’t have done it without her!” Kathryn in Providence, RI

MANifesting Mr. Right Testimonials

“Ronnie Ann Ryan knows what she’s talking about. At 40, she had a great job, good friends, and an enviable lifestyle, but she wanted one more thing: To meet The One and get married. Unfortunately, she hadn’t dated in years and had zero prospects. With savvy, determination, and a sense of adventure, Ronnie turned her love life around, met The One, and married him.  Now, years later, she’s still happily married to him. If you’re ready for a lasting love that will truly make you happy, you owe it to yourself to take every word in Ronnie’s book to heart.”  Terry MacDonald, Author of How to Attract and Marry the man of Your Dreams and Dating Advice Blogger at www.DatingAdviceAlmostDaily.com

“Reading MANifesting Mr. Right has inspired me to open my mind to new experiences. The author has great insights, and explained things I never knew about dating and men. If you are feeling dazed and confused or lost and lonely READ THIS BOOK before giving up on dating and men.”  Saysha in CT

“A delightful and powerful blend of spirituality, common sense, and practical action to attract the right man. This is a must read if you are searching for love.”  Trudy Griswold, Author of Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels

 “Ronnie, I listen to your book, MANifesting Mr. Right (on CD), frequently and find it’s so amazingly helpful. Even though I’ve already heard the whole thing, I find the sound of your voice calming and encouraging and every time I listen, I hear something new. When I listen to your strategies and suggestions, it helps me stay positive and shift my thoughts and energy to create opportunities to meet more men. Honestly, I can’t thank you enough for your incredible support and powerful insights. You keep me going!”  Jamie  in CT

“Ronnie Ryan has created a rich, sassy, playful, real-world integration of Universal Principles and dating wisdom giving you the support, encouragement, and guidance you need to find your loving partner.”  Alan Seale, Self-Discovery and Transformation Specialist (SM) and Author of Soul Mission, Life Vision

“Ronnie’s book has a smart, upbeat approach that gave me hope again after 40. I’m dating more now than I ever did in my teenage years!”  Cynthia in New York

“At last! Where has this book been all my dating life? Ronnie Ann Ryan has written the ultimate Girl’s Guide to Dating. Practical, insightful, and positively empowering, MANifesting Mr. Right is absolutely jam packed with the dating secrets you never learned from your mother or your girlfriends. The most helpful book I’ve read in years!”  Lisa Duff, Former Director of Wainwright House, Holistic Education Center

“A well written and excellent guide to adult dating, Ronnie leaves nothing out. It’s a great read and incredibly helpful. I’m recommending it to my clients.”  Leah, MSW in Darien, CT