7 Serious Signs a Man Is in Love with You

Searching for signs a man is in love? Want to know what to look for? Check out these seven serious tip offs that you are the one for him!

signs a man is in loveSigns a Man is in Love

Are you confused about how a man acts when he is in love? You wonder, “Does he love me?” I can tell you there are definite signs to look for with a man you are seeing. Of course, not every situation, man or couple is the same, but there are clear signs a man is in love or seriously interested.

1. He plans ahead to see you. He wants to make sure you are available so he asks you out in advance to reserve the date. He might plan something fun or take you to your favorite restaurant because he actually listened to you.

2. He’ll find time to see you. When a man genuinely wants you in his life, he’ll do what it takes to spend time with you. He’ll fly across the country, he’ll make room in is schedule, he’ll put off his friends to make sure he gets to see  you.

3. He’s consistent. A man who wants to be with you doesn’t leave you hanging or wondering. He consistently asks to see you and calls in between. He texts sometimes or sends you photos, but stays in touch and sees you at least once a week if not more. You know you have a date on the weekend, even if you don’t know the details. That’s so reassuring and why it’s one of the special signs a man is in love with you.

4. He’ll check in when something big happens. The man in your life demonstrates his sincere interest when something big happens and he wants to share it with you. Or he knows there’s an important event in your life and calls to see what happened. He wants the two of you to share in whatever transpires.

5. He find your quirks cute. A man in love finds your little idiosyncrasies endearing rather than annoying. He might tease you lovingly, but he doesn’t criticize you for feeling shy, being afraid of the dark or not eating any carbs. This is one of the signs a man is in love.

6. He wants your opinion. When a man values who you are, he wants to know what you think. If he has a big decision to make, he will talk things through with you and be open to how you view the situation. He might not take your advice, but he does listen. And he’ll do the same for you if you need his help with something.

7. He listens to you. If something bothers you, you feel safe to tell him and he takes the time to listen to you. He cares about how you feel and works through any difficult situation that crops up. That’s one of the big ways you know you really matter to him. This is one of the biggest signs a man is in love with you.

If you are dating a man who gives you the run around because he’s super busy at work, his ex wife creates problems or he’s non-committal and last minute, these are not signs a man is in love.

Find out what to watch for to know if he’s just another causal guy with no serious plans for you or is falling deeply in love. That’s what I cover in my new book Is He the One? Find Mr. Right by Spotting Mr. Wrong now a bestseller on Amazon!


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