The Law of Attraction: Imagining Creates a Magnetic Pull

The Law of Attraction – Find Love on a Snowy Day

Last week I was looking out my window, as a surprising winter wonderland emerged. Huge fluffy white snowflakes were blowing around, sticking to every pine needle on the tree just outside the second story window of my office.

It was picturesque. So white and clean. So very romantic.

How does this sound to you? I realize that you may not live in a snowy area where the season change. So the question really is, do you permit yourself to have romantic thoughts? Do you allow yourself to day dream and imagine yourself hunkering down under the bed covers on a stormy night with the right man for you?

Sometimes women shy away from such thoughts because it reminds you of what you don’t have. But what if in that imagining, you were actually using a powerful tool to MANifest your dream?

Applying the Law of Attraction

A big part of the Law of Attraction requires you to spend time imagining and feeling what it is like to be with that right man. How does it feel to imagine spending time with your amazing man? What are you doing together? Are you having fun? Are you sharing simple pleasures like watching the snow fall, building a fire or snuggling up in bed to get warm? How does he smell? Why are men so warm?

Is this starting to feel real? If you said yes – yeahhhhhh! The more real your imagination makes things, the more you are using the Law of Attraction to your best advantage. Your brain cannot tell the difference between your imagined thoughts that become memories and real memories. That’s why creating imagined memories gives you cellular memory of feeling what you want – RIGHT NOW! That’s how the magic of MANifesting begins.

Why does this matter? When you have good thoughts and create positive feelings, when you can capture how you want to feel NOW with the right man, this sends out signals to the Universe. It also creates the magnetic pull, drawing that amazing man you long for into your world. Understanding the mechanics of how the Law of Attraction works can help you use this method more successfully.

So go ahead, dream a little and enjoy, knowing you are magnetizing the man of your heart’s desire.


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  1. Nice words and very worm story felt like I was there. The feelings are essential in the LoA, and the imagination of end result that brings things into reality!
    This works every time no exemptions.


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