May 2007 Kiss & Tell Newsletter

It’s May! From ancient times, this month has been revered for its powerful fertility which still remains strong in our DNA. That’s why even today, love blooms in the spring. How will you spring into action this season and find the love you want?

Wouldn’t you enjoy a spring/summer romance? Imagine the fun of watching July 4th fireworks while your own sparks fly. You deserve to have the love you want!

This is the best time of the year to rev up your dating activity. You can find the love you want if you get started right now. Join this dynamic coaching group to get savvy tips, strategies and the support you need for a spring/summer love life to remember.


Start Dating Now – Group Coaching Program

Starts Sunday May 20th, 8-9pm est.
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Wishing you Love,

Ronnie Ann Ryan, The Dating Coach


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Start Dating Now – Group Coaching Program
Starts Sunday May 20th, 8-9pm est.

Series includes:

  1. Six 1-hour group coaching sessions
  2. A copy of MANifesting Mr. Right
  3. The MP3 file or CD of Top 10 Attitudes that Sabotage Dating Success
  4. A quick review of your online dating profile

INSPIRATION: Moving on from the Mommy Syndrome

Hey Ronnie,

I broke up with Jack after nearly a year. I’ve told you there were problems, little things, annoyances, but I was trying to overlook small flaws and learn to be in a healthy relationship, communicate, etc. Nobody’s perfect and I tried to appreciate his many good points.

What finally triggered the end was that Jack seemed incapable of taking care of himself At 31, he still relies heavily on his mom, his housemate and me. I tried to break up several times, but always thought better of it and gave him another chance. 

Then last weekend we went away for four days and on day two, Jack told me he’d run out of money! When we got back, I broke up with him. I knew, I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone I didn’t respect.

Ronnie, I’m sure I did the right thing but I had no idea how much it would hurt! I thought I’d feel relieved. The bottom line is – this is a major loss and even though my friends and family have affirmed that I made the right decision, I’m shocked by how alone I feel, and how sad that I won’t see him again. Right now it’s hard to believe I’ll ever meet anyone else. 

I found a lot of strength to make this decision based on everything I’ve learned from you about the things I want in a partner and what I can’t accept. It frightens me that my list keeps getting longer – now I have to add financial stability and maturity.  Thanks again for all your help and inspiration, and please know that you’ve helped me through an incredibly difficult time.


Dear Chrissie

I want you to know how much I support your decision. There’s no point in being with a partner who can’t take care of himself – that’s like a long-term Mommy sentence. Relationships hopefully expand your world, not weigh it down.

I know how much a break up hurts. For some reason the right decisions are often the hardest.  Relationships require compromise, but when that compromise impacts your self-esteem or overall happiness, its important to draw the line. You did the right thing by moving on. That shows you know how to put your well being above all else. Good for you!

One thing I can tell you is that you got a tremendous amount out of this relationship. It’s hard to see right now, but with of time, you’ll look back and realize how much it opened your heart and gave you an opportunity to strengthen your relationship skills. While the list of qualities you want in a partner got longer, my bet is the important things stand out more clearly. 

Be kind to yourself and allow the healing to begin. It takes time of course and can’t be rushed. But you will recover, and I’m confident that you will also find love again. And know that your healing is as inevitable as finding a new and better-suited romance.

All the best,


I did a little digging to come up with some new dating activities in New England.

For a new speed dating group with an age range up to 55 – visit This is for Eastern CT and RI

This site has all kinds of social groups to check out by state and city


Here’s a site new to me, that might be worth checking out


I found this site when I was Googling Boston Singles Executive Singles Group

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