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Today there was a special Forever Young- Expo for 50 Plus at the Times Square Marriott in NYC.  According to an article posted on ABC – 7- Eyewitness News, the event had something for everyone including dating workshops!

Sounds like it was interesting with Terri Sloane, matchmaker and relationship expert who ran a singles session and discussion on dating.  She encourages people who have been out of circulation to join groups and get used to going out again.  Another tips is to tell everyone you are interesting in dating and meeting people so they can help you on the journey.  I agree!  This is an excellent strategy – and exactly how I met my husband.

However, she goes on to say you should pick a few hobbies, do something you like and you’ll probably meet your mate.

Boooooooooo.  That’s bad advice.  For women who have tried this method, you know that women take classes and sign up for groups.  I even know women who took a wood-working class hoping to meet men and still they met – you guessed it women!

If you want to meet men, you;ll have to do something specifically to meet singles. Other wise your chances of casually just bumping into men at classes are very slim.  Most women who have tried this may meet new women friends, but get frustrated on the dating front.

We’ll give Terri the benefit of the doubt – maybe things are different in New York City or perhaps other big cities. But if you live outside the large metropolitan areas, it works best to go to organized events if you want to meet single men.

Now here’s where things fall apart fo the Forever Young 50 Plus Expo.  When I clicked on the web site,  the big events they used to draw baby boomers were just horrid:

Free Lung Screening, Flu Clinic, Hearing Screenings, Macular Degenration, and Breast Cancer

Maybe the promoters aren’t sure if participants are healthy enough to date? And will they have time after attending to all their health issues?

I know health is important but geez!  You couldn’t PAY ME to go to that EXPO! Yuck!

Baby Boomers – stay healthy – steer clear of great events like this one and find something that is actually fun to do. Anything has got to be better than this depressing excuse for an expo.


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