5 Profile Writing Tips to Get a Man’s Attention

online dating profile, dating coach, how to find true loveWondering what to write in your online dating profile to get quality men to contact you? I’m happy to share my friend Joshua Pompey’s guest post with tips to help you get the attention you deserve.



Its no secret that guys are visual creatures. When we see a pretty face online, most of us can’t help but gravitate right towards that profile.

But just because men are largely visual, doesn’t mean you should be ignoring the written portion of your profile. In fact, the written portion of your profile is arguably the most important determinant of your online dating success if you hope to land a quality man online.

This is because quality men actually do care what you write once they have determined whether or not they are attracted to you. In most cases, only the men who are desperate or are after nothing more than physical conquests won’t care what you write. So if you want to find success, it all starts with the perfect profile. Let’s take a look at these profile writing tips that make the foundation of a great online dating profile.

1. Don’t write a novel.

Men have short attention spans. The goal is to be as interesting as you can while staying economical with your words. A great profile will have the same entertaining elements as a novel without having the word count of a novel. It should hook its audience from the start, and leaving the reader wanting more at the end.

2. Don’t speak in clichés.

The online dating universe these days is one giant cliché. Everyone is just a clone of everyone else. I get it, you like to travel. But so does everyone else on the planet.

Instead of saying you love to travel, make a statement that is specific to your passion for traveling. “Whether I’m exploring the wonders of The Dead Sea in Israel, or laying on the beautiful beaches of Mexico with a cold Corona in my hand and just enjoying life, I am always up for that next big vacation. Any suggestions?!”

3. Use profile bait.

In the above example I go out of my way to say “any suggestions?” This is known as profile bait. Its goal is simple. You are setting the other person up with an easy opportunity to ask you a question if he wants to initiate a conversation. The simpler you make it for people to email you without thinking too hard, the more likely they will.

4. Turn that frown, upside down.

I don’t care if you’ve been hurt in the past, are a jaded dater, or feel as if online dating is the biggest waste of time in the world (which it isn’t!). Don’t send out any negative vibes in a profile. Focus on what you do want in a partner, not what you don’t want. Negative lists will attract nothing but negative attention.

5. Be the fun and adventurous woman that every guy wants to be around.

It’s every man’s dream to date a woman who is open to a lifetime of new and fun experiences. A man’s biggest fear is a lifetime of boredom and monotony.

So show in your profile that a life with you will be amazing. Word it in ways that show excitement and optimism for the future. Reveal or hint at future ambitions and goals. Discuss fun activities you have planned. The more you show you are just plain awesome, the more every guy will be fighting for the chance to date you.

For more profile writing tips from Joshua Pompey, read this free article on how to write an online dating profile, or check out Joshua Pompey’s custom-made profiles, where he has been successfully writing profiles since 2009.


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