21 Day Pledge to Find Love

What If You Could Become a
Magnet for Quality Men

In Just 21 Days?


You’d love to meet a wonderful man, but you aren’t having any luck, aren’t up for it or aren’t sure where to find quality single men. Maybe you:

  • Don’t have the energy
  • Don’t make dating a priority
  • Aren’t sure how to meet men
  • Don’t have time to date
  • Aren’t consistent enough in your efforts
  • Aren’t sure it’s even worthwhile
  • Worry there are no good men
  • Would rather put dating off a bit longer
  • Just can’t get started

I understand all of these reasons, but I bet deep down inside, there’s a part of you who really wants to find love. If you spent any time thinking about how much fun a spring/summer romance would be, you’d feel more motivated to try something new wouldn’t you?

Let’s think for a minute about a spring and summer of men and romance. What if you could:

  • Have fun flirting with men?
  • Meet decent men to find one you want to date?
  • Kiss someone good night or maybe more?
  • Pack a picnic and go for a fun day trip?
  • Hold hands as you walk along the beach or through the park?
  • Enjoy a weekend getaway with a handsome guy?
  • Be more magnetic to attract the quality man you deserve?

Wouldn’t that be fabulous?  Could you get excited about any of these ideas?

Spring and Summer Are the Best
Time to Meet Men

Listen, right now is the time to get active and the very best time to meet men. People are naturally more friendly in the warmer weather.  That means its so much easier to meet men wherever you go or even online. Summer romance appeals to men too!

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to go or how to get started. I can help. As a dating coach for women, that’s my job and my pleasure. I want to reveal my easiest and most practical tips with you to get your love life rockin’ as soon as possible.

21 Days to Becoming a Magnet for Quality Men

Tuesday, April 11th 8pm edt

Fast Track Your Dating to Find Love

In this empowering, fast-track program you’ll get proven strategies and easy, practical tips as you discover how to:

  1. Connect with men more easily
  2. Strike up a conversation with anyone
  3. Shift to the right mindset to attract quality prospects
  4. Make the most of any social event like a friend’s BBQ, outdoor concerts, etc.
  5. Improve your self-confidence
  6. Rev up your allure, appeal and attraction!


“Ronnie’s 21 Day program has been so inspiring! It’s a short-term
program, that gave me a boost, filled with great dating wisdom. And the
emails kept me motivated to get out and meet men. I especially enjoyed
the flirting tips – so helpful! If you want guidance to start dating, I
recommend this quality program.”  Sue from NY

“If I hadn’t decided to work with Ronnie, I’d still be thinking about dating
but not doing anything. With Ronnie’s coaching, I feel stronger now, more
encouraged and have a lot more clarity about the dating process and
what to do. And, I’m meeting men!” –Arlie from VA


What’s Included? Well I’m keeping this fast and easy so you can put all your precious time and energy into meeting men and dating them. Here’s what you’ll get to help you jump start spring and summer romance so you can start meeting men right away:

  • A 90-minute kick-off teleclass with my best secrets to become magnetic to quality men
  • Essential strategies to get active and where to find men
  • How to get into the best mindset to meet men and have FUN!
  • The Dating Action Plan template so you know exactly how to start meeting men
  • 21 Daily Emails revealing simple ideas and tips that will change your love life
  • My special report with “50 Ways to Meet Men” in real life, not online
  • The Lovability Inventory to build your confidence and boost  self-esteem
  • The audio program “How to Stay Positive on the Dating Journey”

This is an amazing package of valuable tools and resources that will help you become MAGNETIC to QUALITY MEN.

Compared to private coaching, this materials and time with me is a value of $750. But that’s not all. I’m including THREE sweet bonuses to make this deal even better!

“With Ronnie’s help, it is now raining men for me! I sometimes have
3-5 dates in a week and am having the time of my life.  Ronnie will
show you how to make online dating work for you like you never
dreamed was possible before. She sure did that for me!”
–Jerri in Florida


Bonus #1 – The audio program “Confidence is Sexy” to help you feel confident and ready to meet men -a $47 value

Bonus #2 – My Online Dating Profile Writing Template to write a captivating profile and get the online attention you want from quality men – a $47 value.

Bonus #3 – Two months membership in my Inner Circle with a 30-minute monthly question and answer session each month and access to over 20 dating expert interviews that will provide insights and inspiration on  your dating journey. Sessions included are on Tuesday, May 2nd and Tuesday, June 6th at 7:30pm eastern – a $60 value.

That’s an additional $154 in bonuses alone!

I want this program to be accessible so any single gal who wants to take this program will find it affordable. So, I am keeping the cost on the 21 Days to Becoming a Magnet for Quality Men super low at only $67!

Yes Ronnie, I’m ready to take the 21 Day Pledge to Find Love on Tuesday 4/11 for $67 with a total value of over $900!


“In Ronnie’s program  21 Days to Become a Magnet for
Quality Men, I really love the way she quickly gets to the
point about relationships. Ronnie helped me be honest
with myself and clear about what I must not accept so
I stay open to the right man for me.” Georgia, CA

“Ronnie, I’ve been a big fan of you and your good work. I’ve attended
a couple of your program and your dating advice through the years has
been so helpful. You have given me strength and confidence in the new
world dating. I’ve been with a man for going on 2 years and I’m very
happy. Thank you for all your advice, reassurance, guidance, and
supportive words. You’re the best!”–-Ruth from CT













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