7 Ways To Harness April’s Taurus New Moon To Manifest True Love

The Taurus new moon is perfect for manifesting true love.

taurus new moon The new moon is typically a good time to look within and think about what you want so you can “plant seeds” to manifest your heart’s desires.

New moons are fresh starts.

Every month the new moon offers a chance to think about what you want. It’s like getting a fresh start. And if you want the best results, that takes a little planning.

The night sky is darker than usual since no moon can be seen. From a spiritual perspective, you’re in darkness and can’t see everything clearly. Sometimes people you know have hidden agendas and everything is not obvious or out in the open.

This is why you want to avoid acting impulsively or jumping to conclusions. Instead, look within to discover what’s in your best interest. Learning to trust yourself and rely on your own intuition can help you navigate the darkness.

Characteristics of Taurus, the sign of the bull.

To harness the energy of the Taurus new moon, let’s look at what the sun sign Taurus is about.

Typically, the Taurus-born are well-grounded and have a practical nature. Many have a strong connection to the Earth and are confident and sure-footed.

That’s what makes the Taurus new moon wonderful for building confidence and self-esteem.

One of the key factors for attracting a high-caliber person is that you feel and behave like a high-quality person yourself — one who is confident and believes in herself.

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