2020 Summer Profile Special – $125

Ready to Find a Quality Man?

If you’re like most single women, dating online
or using the dating apps isn’t fun.

You feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Maybe you started wondering if the quality men you want to meet even exist. Do you question if they are on these dating sites? You’re not sure what to do or how to find one decent man to love.


Dating Fact:

There are great men on the web who are looking for a wonderful woman like YOU. But they NEED YOUR HELP to find you.

Did you know the #1 way singles over 50 meet is online? And it’s the #2 way for everyone else! There’s no question online dating is a powerful tool to find love WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT.


Avoid Invisibility!

As a dating coach for women, I find it heartbreaking that so many women get needlessly passed over by successful, quality men. Even beautiful women can fall into this strange place of invisibility that happens on the web. Somehow your efforts are ignored and it’s really a shame.

Women who work with me privately or hire me to write their profiles have a much better experience online and find love! I’ve worked with hundreds of women personally and their results speak for themselves.



How Does It Work?

It’s simple! I’ll send you a worksheet to fill out with questions about yourself and the man you seek so I can get to know you. Once you return the worksheet to me via email, we’ll have a 30-minute session by phone where I’ll review the profile with you and make adjustments as needed.

PLUS, you can send me up to 5 photos for review to ensure you present yourself in the best way online or the apps.

AND, you’ll get my 16 Essential Photo Tips report so you can take more photos if desired that will capture the male attention you want!


Ready for a Big Shift?

If you’re ready for a 180 degree shift in your love life and ready to turn up your game to connect with quality men, here’s how to get in on this deal. The regular price for my Digital Dating Makeover is $497. But, for a short time, my proven profile writing skills will be all yours at 75% off for just $125!


This Process Works Even If:

  • You feel alone and like love has passed you by completely
  • You haven’t dated in 5 years or more
  • You’ve never been willing to try online dating but it’s so safe now you have to try
  • You already have a profile you like but what if this one could be even better?
  • You just want to put a toe in the water to see what happens
  • You always wanted to try the apps but you didn’t know what to write about yourself
  • You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked


These are the kind of women I enjoy working with most because the turnaround is so exciting! And they start dating again and enjoying meeting men to find the right one. They start to connect with a different kind of man – one who is more centered, stable and relationship ready like they’ve been hoping to meet all along.

Yes, a well-written profile is very POWERFUL! This can be your new love story and you can be that woman men notice online, on the dating apps, or in person.

So, are you ready for a momentous shift in your attraction factor? It’s a bummer not getting the attention you want online.  Take a step to turn your love life around right NOW!


my time for love m and and woman with wine


This is an AMAZING DEAL!

Normally my Digital Dating Makeover is $497! But for anyone who signs up now, you can enjoy and benefit from my profile writing service alone for only $125!

That’s a 75% savings – I must be crazy. But I am such a BIG believer in the never seen before opportunity of no-risk dating during quarantine, I just want you to have NO more excuses. Just $125!