Why He Won’t Take Down His Online Profile – Understanding Men

He won’t take down his online profile and that is driving you over the edge. Here’s why and what you need to know about understanding men.

He won't take down his online profileWhy Is He Still Online?

“Dear Dating Coach Ronnie,

I met a guy on tinder when I was traveling for work. I lived in a different state and at the time didn’t think it would be more than the one date. But we kept messaging daily and caught up the next time I was back and he’s come to see me a couple of times as well.

Fast forward 10 months – he confessed he loves me and wants to try to make it work despite the odds and the distance. When we became ‘exclusive’ we had a discussion about him still being on Tinder.

He said it was out of boredom and for validation and said he’d delete it. Turns out he hasn’t. The frequency of his communication has increased and every call ends with saying how much he loves and misses me.

He Won’t Take Down His Online Profile

I really don’t know how to discuss this with him and wonder whether it’s because he gets bored or lonely or if it’s something more and he’s looking for someone closer. We joked about it last time I saw him. I asked why he wanted to be with me when it would be easier to find someone closer. He said he just wants to be with me and there is no one else.

I want to confront him about it but I don’t know how. I think it would have to be when we next see each other in a few weeks so I can gauge his reaction properly but I honestly don’t know what to believe or what I want to believe.

Thanks Ronnie,
Holding My Breath”

Getting to Exclusivity

Dear Holding,

This is such a difficult position to be in so I understand why you feel uncomfortable. On top of this, you have already discussed exclusivity and taking down his profile. He agreed and DIDN’T DO IT! So that leaves you wondering, “Now what?”

The best way to look at this situation is to ignore his reasons for still being online. Yes, don’t worry about why he won’t take down his online profile. The truth is it doesn’t matter if he’s bored, lonely or wants someone closer geographically.

What does matter? How you want to be treated! You want to be respected and he is not giving you that respect.

This man professes his love for you, yet didn’t follow through on your simple request to take down his profile. That tells you he values staying online more than making you happy. Not a good sign for your hopes of lasting love.

Words Are Not Enough

Calling you, texting, expressing his love – all of these are nice, but not enough for lasting love.  You need a man who is committed to you and your relationship. Who values your love and doesn’t want to do anything to mess that up.  A man who keeps his word and does what he says.

That’s not your guy.

Where Is the Relationship Going?

I do have a big question – how do you see this relationship going? Are you hoping one of you will move to live near or with the other? Keeping a long distance relationship going is a lot more work than when you live close by. What are your hopes? Because if you don’t see this progressing to living together or marriage, why go through all this?

How Do You Confront Him About His Profile?

I’m not sure about bringing this up in person in case things don’t go your way. The phone might be easier. I would bring it up directly without prefacing the discussion with, “We have to talk.” That language puts a man on red alert.

You could simply say, “10 months ago you told me you’d take your profile down but it’s still up. That isn’t working for me. I want to be with a man who keeps his word. You want us to be together and exclusive, so will you please take your profile down today?”

Then listen to how he reacts and what he says. Keep this in mind: There are no acceptable excuses or thinking about it. The only answer is, “Yes I will do it today.” And then he does it.

Stand Behind Your Ultimatum

However, for this to work you have to be willing to hold up your end. The last line in your question about not knowing what to believe or even what you WANT to believe is the tip off you might be wavering.

Asking him to take down the profile is an ultimatum, so you have to be willing to stop seeing him and walk away if he won’t take his profile down immediately.  You must stand behind your words just like you want him to do. Are you OK with that?

The point of the ultimatum is not to get him to change. He has to want to do that on his own. You are just letting him know this is the end of the line. You deserve to be treated with honesty and respect and if you don’t get that, you are moving on.

The real purpose of an ultimatum is to do what is right for you. Can you stay with a man who will not stop looking for other women after all this time? You simply can’t if you want to maintain your dignity and value yourself.

This is his chance to decide what he wants – and your chance to respond accordingly. If you don’t honor your own ultimatum, he won’t take down his online profile.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Up for Yourself

You know you are with the right man when you are not afraid to ask for or discuss something that doesn’t work for you. You cannot maintain a healthy relationship if you are unwilling to do this. When the man you’re dating is unwilling to talk things through or keep his word, he can’t be the Right Man for you.

Take the chance to ask about this and then follow through. If he’s not the guy, there are other good men out there waiting to meet a great gal like you. Don’t put up with vague exclusivity which is actually no exclusivity. You deserve he real things when it comes to love and a lasting, healthy, romantic relationship.

The bottom line is, if he won’t take down his online profile, you won’t be with him any more. Case closed.




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