Find Love with 10 New Year’s Resolutions

Want to find love? Did you make your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s not too late to get something together and put your mind to finding love in 2017!

find love

Find Love in 2017

Is This Your Year to Find Love?

1.Clear the Past 

If you are ready to find love, the best way to start is to clean up your love energy. Burn old love letters. Toss old journals. Unfriend old beaus on social media. Give away gifts from past lovers. These are all wonderful ways to release the past and create space for something new to enter your life. Make room t his month with a full clearing!

2. Boost Confidence

Men find confident women very sexy so what can you do to boost your confidence? Lose 5 lbs? Exercise more. Make  yourself more interesting by enriching you r life. Take classes, read more, get into some new music, see a movie. Lots of this self-improvement is fun!

3. Polish Your Looks

Is it time for a makeover? When was the last update you made to your hairstyle and makeup? Chances are you could use a little refresher. Get a new haircut. Try some highlights. Change your color. Use new eye makeup. Buy a new lipstick. And if you don’t wear makeup – try the basics – blush, mascara and lip gloss. This is fun girl stuff so enjoy it!

You might also buy a few new dating outfits. Freshen up your style. Add a new piece of jewelry. Update your signature look. Give yourself some pizzazz to feel good about yourself and present an alluring package.

4. Take a Vow of Friendliness!

How friendly are you on a scale of 1-10? If you said anything less than 7, take a vow of friendliness. Determine that you will smile more at people, especially men. Strike up a conversation with someone in line at the grocery store or dry cleaners. Your entire life improves when you build your social skills, not just dating.  But it sure will be easier to meet men when you are friendly.

5. Schedule Time Meet Men

If you don’t have time set aside in your busy calendar, you may never have time to meet men. Btu something positive happens when you put time in your calendar. You are prone to actually follow through and do something. The best way to make this happen is to look up singles events, Meetups or other events you want to attend. Put them in your calendar and plan on going.

6. Post a Profile on Dating Sites or Dating Apps

This is another powerful strategy to meet new men. Post a profile on the dating sites or apps so you men can find you! There is no arguing with this proven method to find love and now it’s estimated that 30% of singles meet this way. Get over your fears. Learn how to make these things work for you. Just do it as the Nike tagline encourages.

[If you need help with your profile, I can write a killer online dating profile that stands out and represent the real you.]

7. Find a Dating Buddy

When you have a single gal who is your partner in crime for dating, you are more likely to follow through. You can hold each other accountable to get online, try the dating apps and go to live events. Encourage each other. Help each other regain your calm and composure when you face disappointments This is highly supportive way to stay positive on your journey to find love.

8. Meet One Man a Month

Seriously, if you want to find love, you have got to meet new men on a regular basis. It’s time to quantify your dating activities. Set an intention to meet at least one new man a month. Of course one  week would be far more productive, but  some is better than none. No wiggling out of this goal. Hold your feet to the fire if you want to find the lasting love you dream of.  You’ll meet 12 men this year if you meet one per month so get on it!

9. Write a Letter to Yourself

Why do you want to find love? What are your reasons for wanting a man in your life? Do you want companionship? Romance? Friendship? A partner to travel with. Someone to sit in front of the fire and snuggle with? Get clear about what love will add to your life and why you want that. When you know why love is important to you, taking time to meet new people will be easier and more likely to happen.

10. Smarten Up about Dating!

What do you really know about midlife dating? Have you read any books, listened to a free teleclass, registered for a workshop or tried private dating coaching? These options wake you up to what works. Midlife dating is not like when you were 22. Things have changed girlfriend and you’ve got to be in “the know” to succeed!



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