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My online dating tips for women today are about the best dating sites. Which ones should you use to find the love you want?

online dating tips for womenI often recommend very few of these sites since experience tells me that the biggest sites are the best. And online dating tips for women over 40 are different than for younger gals in their 20s. My favorites are most likely what you’d expect.

  2. (for people 60+)
  3. Plenty of Fish – a free site
  4. OK Cupid -another free site

Online Dating Advice

If you are serious about finding love, online dating is the best tool to  meet men fast, especially over 40 and 50. You want to find the biggest pools of single people and the top four sites are the most populated by far. You have probably noticed that I left one of the big players out from the list above – I’m not a fan of eHarmony for two reasons:

  1. The site asks too many questions and most men over 40 can’t be bothered with the details which means they have fewer men than other site. I know this is true from so many of my clients who get long-distance matches because the site has no local matches for them
  2. Their complicated communication process with too many predetermined questions rather than just getting to know each other

Sometimes in large cities this site can still be a good option. New York apparently has a good number of men using eHarmony. If your location is either more progressive or more religious (both sides of the coin) it’s possible that it’s worth giving the site a try. Just don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work and throw the baby out with the bath water, thinking all online dating sites have no men.

I found this great review of online dating sites and they recommend OK Cupid as the #1 site which I find interesting. Then, and last but not least,

They based their choice on the site that was most likely to help you find a compatible match. But they did acknowledge that things vary by geography, gender, are, etc. They looked at some of these factors to rank the sites:

  • The widest geographical selection
  • The most active user base
  • Ease of creating a profile
  • Accuracy of algorithms
  • Quality of messages received
  • Ease of use

Now this all sounds good, but keep in mind, they did all this research based on one 20 something single gal and her experiences. Still, it’s a fabulous review of how each site works and well worth the read. You’ll pick up some online dating tips for women and men to help you choose the best site for you.

They also point out how and eHarmony do produce the most marriages vs. the hookup culture of a site like OK Cupid. (This site has a bunch of questions about sexual preferences but you do not have to answer them and most people don’t!)

Online Dating Tips for Women

The review also echoes my own gut reaction to eHarmony’s claims about their matching algorithm. I went through all the questions once with a client and does it really matter if I pick a baseball team I like or if I like cats and you do too. If you are allergic to cats, that’s one thing. But do not tell me long-term compatibility is based on a factor such as liking cats.

So, if you are thinking about online dating or are already participating and considering changing sites, this review of the sites will be extremely helpful!

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  1. Thank you Ronnie, I’ll let you know how it goes. I did talk to him on Tuesday night sort of by mistake! I was actually mortified when I picked up my phone to call my mother and out of the recent phone calls listed on the screen, somehow my thumb hit his number and dialed it! I’m truly at a loss for how this happened, but it did, and nothing I could do but hang up! I stressed over it for awhile and about 20 minutes later he called saying he was outside and when he came in he saw that I had called. After explaining the faux pas (he laughed about it) we did have a nice conversation for half an hour or so. He did mention the meeting on the first again and I said yes, that works for me. He said he will take the ferry over (we planned to meet halfway as he is a ferry and then 45-hour drive to where I live) and he mentioned a few restaurants near the water. I said I was fine with whatever he decided. He then said he would call me as we get closer with time and location. We ended the conversation with him saying he was glad I had mistakenly called him, it was nice to get to know me a little better and looking forward to the first. So now it’s back to the waiting game….

  2. Hi Ronnie, I recently met a man online almost 2 weeks ago who approached me first. He lives in another town about 4 hours away but will be back closer to where I live in a few weeks for the summer. After several message exchanges on the dating site, he has called twice but only texted once to say he sincerely enjoyed talking to me. Then he contacted me asking if I’d be available to meet for lunch on June 1. I agreed but no time or place has been set. This was on Friday. He asked if I would be available for a phone call on Sunday night and called. We talked for awhile, seem to have a lot in common and he mentioned that he was excited to meet me on the 1st, but again no time or location was established. I cut the conversation off after about 20 minutes and he said he would be in touch but added that I could “feel free” to text him. We are both in our 60s (he tells me he is earnestly looking for his last love and not for something casual). He appears to be sincere but who knows? He did not text me after our phone call and so far not today. I’m thinking I shouldn’t text him and should wait for him to text or call again. Wondering what your take is? Thank you!

    • Hi Pamela, Here’s how you deal with a man who makes vague dates. You ask, ‘Where will we meet on June 1st and what time?” If he doesn’t give you an answer or makes excuses, just stop communicating. He knows where to find you should he want to keep the date. In addition, my advice is to not wait around for any man who acts like this. This is why you want to be interacting with several men at the same time. You just don’t know who will show up, follow up or ask you out a gain. So the best thing you can do is hedge your bests and be talking with as many men as are interested. Even if taht’s three or four. Most disappear quickly so there is little risk. And you are not intimate – you are just getting to know the ones who actually show up to date you. It’s a great strategy and it keeps your search moving. Assume most all men are seeing other women too during that beginning “get to know you” phase.

  3. I had never heard of OkCupid until I read the review that you talk about in this article, so I decided to try it. I’m a 58-year-old widow, who’s veteran of online dating — I was online for about a year and a half in 2011-12, and I got pretty good at spotting scammers and fakes. And I can tell you that within the first 4 days of being on OkCupid, I received over a hundred messages from men, only ten percent of which were from real guys. Of those, there were perhaps 3 that were both age-appropriate and geographically reasonable, and one of those was bipolar. This site is a much bigger pain in the back pockets than it’s worth, and I’m considering abandoning that ship — and I haven’t been on it a week yet. You might want to revise your recommendation.

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your feedback. So much of the results depend on age and geography. But the review I was talking about is brand new. They do say OK Cupid was better for getting dates fast and Match was better for more serious relationship hunting. So feel free to abandon ship – its a free site so no loss!

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