All You Need is Love… and a Dental Plan

March 18, 2016 via

by Tony Pacitti

You know what you want: something that will satisfy you intellectually, stimulate you and make sense for the long term. You know what you’re willing to invest and you’re hoping that your potential partner will meet you in the middle, striking a balance of mutual benefit. The search for love and a career, when broken down to their fundamentals, are surprisingly similar, as outlined in the new book Job Search = Love Search: 10 Savvy Career Strategies That Help You Find Love Too.

“You have to start with a love strategy or a career strategy,” explains Beth Carter, an executive recruiter and owner of Carter Consultants in Warren who co-wrote Job Search = Love Search with Ronnie Ann Ryan, a dating coach based out of Connecticut. “You need to write a resume or an online profile. Interviewing is the same as a first date. How do you handle that?”

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