Hey There Drummer Boy – Flirt with Me!

This Holiday Season, it’s Time to Socialize and Flirt!

why am I still single As your dating coach, I want this to be your top priority for the holidays. That is, if you want to find love.

Are you a party go-er or hide from holiday socializing? The holiday season may bring out the best or worst in you. Regardless of your background or state of mind, the holidays are laden with opportunities to mingle and that is good when you are single! Here are five ways to leverage the single mingle options to meet new prospects for the New Year.

1. Hey There Drummer Boy – Holiday Flirting! Have you ever seen a Mae West movie? She was a voluptuous blonde with bedroom eyes and aggressive tendencies who made popular movies in the 1930’s. She made the line, “Why don’t you come up and see me some time?” famous, using that “come hither” voice. Mae was sexy, smart and scandalous at times.

I’m not saying create a scandal. But you could vamp it up a little couldn’t you? This is a fabulous way to use your feminine charm and allure. Watch the YouTube video on flirting for a few tips and a chuckle.

If you see a man who catches your eye, make It easy on him and strike up a conversation. All you need is a friendly smile, a sense of humor and a willingness to break the ice. 99% of men will be happy for the attention. Read more on flirting

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