How to Spot a Pickup Artist Before He Seduces You

Dating coach, finding true loveDon’t fall for his seduction tricks.

There is a whole underground movement focused on how to pick up women. Some men have actually formed clubs and called themselves Pickup Artists (PUA). They study methods to pickup women and seduce them. The goal is to have their way with countless women in order to boost their ego and gain power.

As a dating coach for women, I want you to know about the methods of these men and how to avoid falling for their tactics.

5 Seduction Methods and How to Recognize Them

1. He Establishes a Strong Connection. How many times have you met a man and told a girlfriend about the strong connection you felt with him? That’s how you experience hot chemistry. A man skilled in the art of seduction knows the way to appeal to most women is through conversation. He knows when a woman falls in love, it starts in her mind. Of course physical attraction is part of the appeal, but it really begins with an amazing conversation. This is how the seductive man persuades you to let down your guard and let him into your life.

How to Recognize this Method: This is a tough one to spot right away. The smart solution is to take things slowly so you get to know the man and he proves himself with consistency over time.

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