Online Dating Profile: If I Don’t Want Kids, Can I Say That?

My advice for your online dating profile is NOT to Focus on What You Don’t Want

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Dating over 40, people have life history. Sometimes that means, marriage, divorce and children. Children are a blessing – there is no question. However, not every woman wants children…or wants to be a step mom either.

What do you say about this when writing your online dating profile? NOTHING! Yes, that’s right. Neither should you mention any of the following. You don’t want:

  • A coach potato
  • A player
  • Men who aren’t honest
  • Men who make less than $100,000
  • An unemployed man
  • Men who have never been married
  • A poor speller
  • A liberal
  • A conservative
  • A man without college education

Let me explain the reasoning here.  Think about it this way, your a man looking through profiles to meet women. You stumble on a woman’s profile who takes up a good amount of space explaining what she doesn’t want. In other words, who should not apply for the position of her date and lover.

How do men view these requirements, especially the negative type? They hear it as criticism. Even if they do not have those negative characteristics you clearly spelled, it doesn’t matter to the male reader. He hears criticism and you just lost out on a potentially great guy.

If you don’t want to date a man with kids, look at his profile to see if he has kids. Don’t waste space in your profile saying that.

There is another aspect to writing your profile to portray yourself as as positively as possible. Avoid sounding demanding, What do I mean? Here’s a sampling:

  • You must be a dog lover
  • You must like children
  • You must be spritiual
  • You must be financial stable
  • You must like to travel
  • You must be honest

When you use the word “must” you send a clear message: “I’m hard to please.” Even if that’s not true, a man will get that impression about you. Avoid using words like this at all costs. Demanding, rigid, hard to please, picky, difficult – everything but relaxed, easy going or easy to get along with. That’s what men like. You might not be this way, but let him get to know you first.

Just like you, men are looking for red flags in your online dating profile. If you stop using these phrases and describing the man you want in this fashion, more men might be willing to contact you. And after all, that’s exactly what your profile is for! You Wan to encourage men to contact you. So including on off-putting language.

What should you write in your online dating profile?

Tell him who you are. Describe your personality. Tell him the type of person you are. Explain how much fun a day with you could be. Give him an idea of how you’d like to spend a rainy Sunday with him. Remember to include activities he’ll like too, not just culture and yoga.

Online dating is here to stay and more and more people will rely on this method to find people to date. Get in the game and give it a shot. And if you are already online, tweak your profile to be more positive to improve your results!

By the way, I can write online dating profile for you and am an expert. If you don’t know what to write or want better results and think it’s time to ask for help, that’s what I’m here. Call me at 203-877-3777 or email me now.

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