Marriage Minded? Why The Classic Bread Winner Might Not Be Mr. Right

dating coach, marriage minded, Mr. RightIf you’re a smart, successful single woman, is it time to look past the paycheck to find a good mate

According to the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Sonya Rhodes suggests a woman may experience disapproval from friends and family if she falls for a man who makes less than she does. When you think about the qualities you want in the man you marry, what’s at the top of your list? Are you seeking characteristics like warm-hearted, family-oriented, honest and fun to be with? Or is the money he makes your number one priority?

With the equality women have achieved today, relationships have adapted and changed. Yet, “good provider” as your top “must-have” in a man remains a frequent requirement. Given all the equalizing between the genders, this seems left over from an era gone by. Read the rest of this article about finding the right man

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