Find Love: Santa Has the Image, But the Elves Are Where It’s At

Santa, single at the holidays, find love, meet menHoping to find love?

Here’s my tongue and cheek discussion about who might be your most compatible partner…

Every year it’s the same thing. Santa, Santa, Santa! I know he’s a jolly fellow and delivers all the toys. But honestly, isn’t it time to give those adorable elves some attention too?

Elves are the backbone of North Pole operations. They work hard all year long, making gifts to fulfill everyone’s wishes (those who have been good). The elves get the job done and never let Santa or us down.

But, when holiday time comes around, all anyone can talk about is Santa! Why is that? To me, Santa is a lot like the top 5% of single men over 40. What?

Think about it. Santa is perfect. He’s tall, has a great personality, is very social, everyone loves him and wants him to visit. He’s a leader, confident and decisive, and he knows how to make anyone feel special with his charming ways and twinkle in his eye. That sounds like the top 5% of men to me. Read the rest of the post on how to find love here…



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