Find Love: Waiting To Magically Meet Your Next BF? Here’s A Dose Of Reality

 courtney loves dallas, find love, meet men, Hoping to meet your soulmate over a vanilla latte?
Keep dreaming, sister.

Do you know anyone who is totally unrealistic about how they expect to find love? You know the type — her vision of meeting Mr. Right sounds like it was taken directly from a Danielle Steele novel.

Well, that’s my assessment of Courtney from Bravo TV’s “Courtney Loves Dallas“. Courtney has made it clear that she “wants the magic”. She even went so far as to explain her desire to meet her dream man as they both simultaneously reach to pick up their vanilla skim lattes at Starbucks. That’s pretty silly, don’t you think? How often do you think that sort of thing really happens?

As a dating coach for women, I want to ask Courtney, “What are you doing to look for love besides ordering coffee?”

When you leave your love life up to the magic of the Universe, you’re likely going to wait a very long time for success. You have to take some action — which means making yourself available. Read the whole story about Courtney and get dating tips to make finding love a reality

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