Dating After 40: Everything You Need to Know in One Interview

Are you dating after 40 or dating after divorce and feel confused or skittish?

My friend Randye Kaye (former DJ on Star 99.9) interviewed me on her new radio program The Life Talk Show. We had a blast! She, Diana and Nicki chatted with me about dating in midlfe, common mistakes people make, ways to meet singles and my best tips to help you find the love you dream of.

If you wish you could just get me to tell you my top dating after 40 tips, this is it!


  • Where are the single men over 40
  • What gets in the way of dating after 40
  • What is the best thing you can do to open up to midlife love
  • How to make the most of online dating
  • Why you can’t take the DNA out of dating
  • Why dating is really data gathering
  • and so much more!

I love this tidbit of wisdom Randye shared, “There’s a Lesson in Every Frog” meaning that even the worst dating experience has something you can learn from.

The best part is we laughed and had fun with this topic. Sometimes people are so very serious about dating after 40 or dating after divorce. We shared ideas on how to lighten up the experience so you can have more fun with it. Wouldn’t’ that be nice if dating could be fun vs. misery, confusion, frustration and drudgery?

Listen  here and get my top expert advice for dating after 40 all in one show.

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