Is It OK To Sleep Around If You’re Being Honest With Your Partners?

Featured on Fox News Magazine via – October 23, 2013

Are you watching “The New Atlanta” on Bravo TV? The main characters are three young women and two men — all attractive, active and dating. On a recent episode, Vawn shared his ideas on dating and monogamy, stating that it’s OK to sleep with as many women as he wants … as long as he is honest with them.

How did this come up? Well Vawn, (AKA Jevon Vawn Sims), a hot single guy and artist development expert, was having a man’s night out with his buds; he wanted to have an open discussion with male friends like women have on a girl’s night out. Vawn opened the conversation with his point of view on monogamy: Basically, it’s not for him. No one woman can do it all for Vawn.

2 thoughts on “Is It OK To Sleep Around If You’re Being Honest With Your Partners?”

  1. Hey M – I see you are back. If you are talking about the men who are players, don’t want a relationship, or aren’t that into you, then yes, women have to do all the work. When a man has intentions to find the right woman and settle down, you have to participate, but not do all the work. These men do step up or if asked, will take the step.

    The point is to get clear on the kind of man you are dealing with – which is not that difficult if you follow my advice.

  2. “But most of the time, a woman is the one to broach the subject. Be careful, though, because it’s a touchy subject.”

    So basically, it boils down to “As usual, the women do the most work, as well as take the biggest emotional and physical risks.”

    Not to speak of the flack and indignant huffing we get from them when we have the nerve to bring it up first because we’re trying to be responsible about our sexual & emotional health.



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