Online Dating Isn’t Always the Problem: Could It Be You?

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Online Dating Tips

Stop blaming online dating as the reason for your single status.

I just read a scathing post from Charles Orlando about online dating and its “web of lies” on YourTango. There’s no question that the author’s points had truth to them, and were backed up with facts and statistics. However, as a dating coach for women over 40 with 11 years experience, I can tell you there is more than one side to this story. As the old adage goes, I refuse to throw the baby out with the bath water.

The idea of a web of lies is a convenient excuse for why you might still single. Excuse me for saying so — it’s just that I have found many women don’t understand how to make the most of online dating, and their misconceptions create unfortunate experiences.

Read the rest of my rebuttal including points about statistics, scammers, low success rate, how people love to complain and a bit on how the online dating  sites do cheat a bit on using the promised matching algorithms.


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