5 Flirting Tips for the 4th of July!

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Dating After Divorce: 5 Flirting Tips to Meet Men

These flirting tips make it easy to meet men on any holiday!

It’s the fourth of July and the picnics and barbecues abound! This is such a fun holiday and the perfect time of year to meet men! Not sure how to talk to that cute guy at the party? Let me help with some simple flirting tips that will make connecting easy.

1. Wear a conversation piece. You might get a pair of wacky sunglasses or a funky hat. Wear red, white and blue to look patriotic. Paint your nails like the flag or with stars. Put a temporary streak of red, white and blue in your hair. These ideas may be a little out there, but they make it easy for a man to approach you and start a conversation. Bingo! You will meet more men!

2. Hand out sparklers. Don’t know how to strike up a conversation? Here’s an easy suggestion. If you go to a park to see fireworks, hand out sparklers while waiting for them to start. Walk up to any handsome guy and say, “Would you like a sparkler?” This breaks the ice quickly and gives him a shot at continuing the conversation. One of my best flirting tips for the 4th of July!

3. Help the hostess. If you are at a party, offer to help the hostess. If you carry around the tray of hors d’ouevres, you can offer the cute guys a bite to eat and easily start a conversation. Plus, this is a great way to meet a lot of the people at the party. Ask those you meet how they know the hostess to get the conversation rolling.

4. Check out local events. This is a time for lots of outdoor events. Check local calendars to see what is happening in your area, grab a gal pal and go! You’ll find fireworks displays, outdoor concerts, craft fairs, car shows and plenty of options to meet new people. The more social you are, the more men you can meet.

5. Smile, look happy, be friendly. This is one of my tried and true flirting tips that works every time, no matter what. When you smile and appear happy, men find you more attractive and easier to approach. That’s exactly what you want. Plenty of women will be cold, shut off, unaware of men around, not looking up or interacting with people. So when you do this, you stand out! My clietns are often astonished at how incredibly well this works.

Use these five super easy flirting tips and let me know how your Fourth of July holiday goes, from a “meeting men” perspective. who knows, you might get lucky!


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