Dating After 40: How I Knew I Met “The One”

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Dating After 40: How I Knew I Met “The One”

If you know anything about my own success story about dating after 40 and finding love, then this will not be anything new. I like to share how I managed to find love to provide hope. Too many people have given up or feel there is so little promise out there.  My feeling is, if I could find love, I’m quite certain anyone who has the drive and determination to stick with the process, can find love too.

My dating coaching clients often ask me about finding their soulmate. Sometimes looking for that perfect someone can be a problem and become a barrier to finding love. A lot depends on your criteria and how selective you are. You can probably imagine how being too picky might keep you single. But, other times times, you meet someone and there are signs letting you know you have found “the one”.

After dating 30 men if 15 months, here’s how I knew I had met a man that had the long-term potential I was seeking. I’ve told my love story many times, but this version made it to the eHarmony blog! I am so excited!

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