4/11 – Love and the Law of Attraction – One Night Teleclass

Have you heard about the Law of Attraction?

I applied the Law of Attraction to find my husband Paul, so I know that this system works! This powerful inner tool helps you attract love into your life by using some basic, but simple principles. Once you know them, you can apply this method to anything you want to manifest in life. But for this one-night session, we’ll focus on love with the right man for you.

You may have heard of “The Secret” which was both a book and a movie. This explains how the principle works overall. But I’ll go over exactly how to this applies to finding love and you specifically.

The idea is that your energy flows where your attention goes. In other words, what you focus on becomes your reality and is what you attract. Learn how to focus your energy properly to leverage this system so you can magnetically attract the right man for you. Combine that with the other dating skills I offer and you are sure to speed up the search process.

What’s Included:
In addition to this one night class, you’ll receive the audio program I Believe: Affirmations to Attract Love Now, a $20 value. Plus, there will be a bonus call to help you stay on track and find “The One”. The total program value is $77, but you’ll only pay $37 (you’ll save $40 – more than the cost of the program!)

Thursday, April 11th at 8pm est. The fee is just $37

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