4/15 – Love Life Jump Start! – Group Coaching by Phone

Finding love over 40 is completely possible.

I know because I found love by dating after 40. And once I figured out how to dating as an adult worked, (I dated 30 men in just 15 months) I couldn’t wait to share the secret with every single woman I knew or met.

How do YOU KNOW this is your time to start dating and find love? Because you are totally done with not having a man in your life!

You are done…

  • Being single
  • Wishing the right man would magically appear
  • Feeling lonely or like a third wheel
  • Not having a date on Saturday night
  • Going without sweet, warm kisses and passion in the bedroom
  • Sleeping alone in your bed made for two
  • Worrying at 3am about being alone the rest of your life
  • Trying to figure dating out on your own!

Being done, everything starts to feel different. You have a sense of knowing that you are…READY!

In this powerful six session program created specifically for women who haven’t dated in a while, you will:

  • Gain Empowering Dating Skills and Confidence
  • Find Out Where to Meet More Men
  • Learn How Easy It Is to Flirt and Why It Works So Well with Men
  • Discover How to Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Learn Insights Essential for Every Woman Seriously Looking for Love

The 6 Sessions Start on Monday, April 15th from 7-8pm est

 Click here for more details and to Register Now for Love Life Jump Start!

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