Find Love: Ask Santa for Love This Holiday Season

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Ask Santa to Help You Find Love

Try this idea to find love in 2013

Did you ever write a letter to Santa as a child? You had something in mind that you really wanted with all your heart. So you put pen to paper and your mom pasted a stamp on it, sending it off to Santa at the North Pole. Remember all the hope you had that your wishes would come true?

As your dating coach, I say it’s time to recapture that holiday magic and tap into the idea that Santa can grant your heart’s desire to find love! How can you do this? Let me explain.

Maybe you think writing a letter to Santa is totally silly and that I have simply lost it. Not so! This is a wonderful exercise to rev up your juices and fill your being with desire. So many single women suppress this desire for any number of reasons. Here are three common situations that deplete the single woman’s mind of hope to find love:

1. You’ve given up hope and wondering what’s the point?
2. You’ve been single too long and don’t think love is in the stars for you
3. You never meet any decent men, so why keep hitting your head against a brick wall?

No matter how crazy it seems, writing a letter to Santa (or any higher being, mystical, magical, spiritual etc.) can open up your heart and get your loving energy flowing. I want to encourage everyone to take the time to physically sit down and write a letter explaining your desire for the right man and who he is for you. Be sure to include everything you want, what you will do to participate in the MANifesting  process, and why you deserve to find love now.

Writing gets you in touch with what is really important about the partner you seek, commits you to taking action to find love and penetrates your subconscious mind to help you believe more deeply that love is possible for you. (Or start believing for those non-believers,) According to experts, all three elements are necessary to successfully MANifest your desire.

Of course, nothing magnifies attraction like prayer. This is absolutely one of the most powerful methods on earth to create just about anything. Miracles are born from prayer and there is no denying the results that come about from asking for what you want. There have been countless research studies on the power of prayer to heal the sick. So, there’s no reason why finding love couldn’t be another possible outcome.

You may also want to ask others to put you in their prayers. A friend of mine prayed that I would find love without me even knowing – she told me after I got married that she had done this for me. I felt remarkably supported and divinely loved once I heard about this.

Put Santa to work on your case to find love in 2013. Give your inner child permission to come forth, suspend disbelief and ask Santa or the Universe for help. This is a magical time of year when so many dreams come true. Take advantage of the season and go for what you want. Love can be yours when you set an intention and prioritize your life to find love.


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