October 29th – Operation Find Him Now – 6 Session Program

A Remarkable Program for Women Ready for Action

What if Fall 2012 is your time to meet and fall in love
with an amazing man who completely adores you?

Finding love over 40 is completely possible. I know because I found love by dating over 40. And once I figured out how to make the most of my dating activity, I couldn’t wait to share that secret with every woman I knew or met.

How do YOU KNOW this is your time for love? You know because you are so totally done with not having a man in your life!

You are done…

  • Wishing the right man would magically appear
  • Feeling lonely or like a third wheel
  • Dating the wrong men
  • Not having a date on Saturday night
  • Going without sweet, warm kisses and passion in the bedroom
  • Sleeping alone in your bed made for two
  • Worrying at 3am about being alone the rest of your life
  • Trying to figure dating out on your own!

Being done, everything starts to feel different.
You have a sense of knowing that you are…READY!

In this powerful six session program you will:

  • Meet More Men and Learn to Flirt
  • Discover How to Eliminate Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Gain New Insights Essential for Every Woman Seriously Looking for Love

Sessions Start on Monday, October 29th from 8-9pm est


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Hurry! Space is limited in this love life changing program which I won’t be offering again until Spring 2013.

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