September 16 – Love Mastermind – Group Coaching by Phone


Do you think about looking for love and meeting men, but time slips by and you still haven’t met anyone?

Have you heard about the power of Mastermind Groups to help achieve your goals? According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, a mastermind group involves the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony with [others], for the attainment of a [specific] purpose.” Your purpose of course is to find love!

I have worked with many masterminds for business and personal growth with amazing results. There is so much power in being part of a group who shares the same goal. Supporting each other to stay motivated, active and persevere really propels you forward.

Introducing My Newest Program – The Love Mastermind

I am so excited to offer you this incredible opportunity to join like-minded single women for the purpose of finding love. The love you long for and deserve. The love you’ve dreamed about for years. Here are some of the amazing benefits of being part of this new empowering group. You will:

  • Feel inspired to get out there and meet men
  • Learn where to meet men and how other women are finding success
  • Enjoy the support of single women rooting for you to be your feminine best
  • Amplify your MANifesting power to attract “The One”with the help of other group members
  • Create deadlines rather than holding your efforts for an unknown future
  • Celebrate successes big and small
  • Share your fears and hopes to get the support and suggestions you need
  • Be held accountable to follow through on what you say you will do

Conference calls will be held on one Sunday night of every month at 8pm eastern time. the first one is September 16th at 8pm eastern time

Click here for more details and to register

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