March 12th – 10 Myths about Online Dating – FREE Teleclass

Have you tried online dating and feel frustrated with your results?
Or are you holding off because of all the bad stories you’ve heard?

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about dating on the web that might be keeping you from finding the love you want. That’s truly a shame because at least 20% of all relationships now start online.

As a dating coach for women, its my job to bust these myths wide open!

I’m going to share the hard cold truth – much of which isn’t actually hard or cold. In fact – there’s a lot of good about the Internet which I will explain in detail.

Here are some of the myths I have encountered from my clients:

  • All men want younger women
  • All men just want to have sex
  • All the men on the internet are players
  • All men online are players
  • There are lots of married men online

These statements are mostly fear-based and incorrect!

I will debunk these myths and turn around your misconceptions in this powerful new teleclass. Plus, you’ll get savvy tips to improve your chances of finding love online.

And the best part is – this program is absolutely FREE!

Register now to be a part of this remarkable program that can help you shift your online dating karma forever!

Monday, March 12th at 8pm est.

Fee – FREE! (Regular long distances charges may apply depending on your telephone provider and plan.)



Don’t miss this FREE workshop – this is the only time this year I will be talking about this topic. Be a part of this exciting event!

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