October 11 – Open Your Heart to Align with Love – Free Teleclass

Open Your Heart to Align with Love – FREE Teleclass

Do you feel relationship ready, but still can’t find a decent man?
Are you trying to meet men, but none of them appeal?
Do have an inner critic who talks you out of even bothering to look?

These can be important signals that your heart is not open. And when your heart is shut down due to past wounds, fear of rejection, and/or relationships without closure, you will naturally find it difficult to be aligned with love.

Opening your Heart to Align with Love is the key to finding a lasting, loving relationship!

In this heart-centered, introductory teleclass, you’ll:

  • Identify the 3 top symptoms of a heart that has shut down to love
  • See yourself energetically from a man’s perspective -something most women never think about!
  • Get to the core of what caused the shut down so you can do something about it
  • Learn the single most powerful method to start healing old wound(s)
  • Understand the fundamental first step to feel good about yourself again
  • Learn a simple, yet restorative method to re-open your heart to love and men

Take this time to begin healing so you can align with love, the most powerful force in the Universe. Once you reopen your heart, life will flow naturally, your attraction will rise dramatically and opportunities for love will blossom.

Tuesday night, October 11th from 8-9pm et
FREE teleclass  – no special equipment needed.
Long distance charges may apply.

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