Top 10 US Cities to Meet a Wealthy Man

Where to meet wealthy men

Do you wonder where the rich men hang out?

Maybe you’re curious if some places are better than others for finding the successful guys.

What cities offer the best ratios of men to women?

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on the web for a new project I’ve got cooking (It’s a really good one!).  One of the best things about surfing the net is the crazy stuff you can stumble upon.

Often my dating coaching clients want to know the answers to the three questions at the top of this post. I’m not sure wealthy men are always the best match. Of course there is the old adage that you can love a wealthy man as easily as a poor man. Or waht my mom always said to me in jest – “Rich or poor, it’s nice to have money.”

I have to admit, all these questions from my dating coaching clients did have an impact on me. So now, even I’m curious.

Isn’t Google an awesome tool?

Here’s what I found – yup a list of the Top 10 US cities that offer the best opportunities to meet rich men. I have to tell you this list is very surprising. States like Wisconsin and Minnesota made the list!

The authors created an index using the ratio of single men to women, cost of living, and income. Send me an email to get the complete details of which cities are in the top 10 and why. Ronnie [at]

Thinking about booking a flight are you? Have fun when you get to town!

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