July 7 – Wing-Woman Workshop – Milford CT

Do you know what a Wing Woman is?

It’s when your dating coach goes with you to a bar and to help you connect with men. You’ll get on-the-spot tips to flirt, strike up conversations, become irresistible and have an incredible blast!

  • Are you too shy to strike up a conversation with a cute guy?
  • Are you tired of going home without having met any men?
  • Are you sick of feeling invisible at singles events?

Sometimes, singles events and even going to a bar feels like too much work. You probably won’t meet anyone good anyway so why bother?

I understand. I’ve been in your shoes, feeling really uncomfortable and wanting to go home and watch TV or read a book. It’s so much easier and a lot less painful.

But, what if you could flirt with men easily? What if it were actually fun to meet men? What if your dating coach could be there with you, feeding you lines and giving you suggestions on exactly what to do to connect with men?

Imagine if you could feel confident in public and men found you irresistible?

What if you could…

  • Feel comfortable mingling at singles events?
  • Leverage any social outing to meet more men?
  • Have more fun when you go out without worry?
  • Attract good looking men who magnetically approach you?

Would you benefit from having access to real tips in the very moment when it counts most?

Then you will surely benefit from this rare and amazing opportunity to discover how easy it is to work the room and meet more men. This powerful event is limited to just 6 savvy single women members. Will you be one of them?

Milford, CT location revealed to members of my meetup group only – you’ll see it once you join the group.

7-8:30pm on Thursday, July 7th
(Raindate is Thursday, July 14th at 7-8:30pm)

Register now to secure your spot for just $25!

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