June 13 – Confidence is Sexy! – Teleclass

As your dating coach, here’s what I tell my clients about confidence.

“If you want to increase your appeal, start by building your confidence. Both genders find confidence very attractive.”

In this one-hour teleclass, you’ll hear about your self-image and obstacles that keep you from feeling good. Learn simple techniques you can use right away to improve your self-esteem quickly. More than 80% of your beauty is based on how you feel about yourself.

When you build yourself up, you increase your appeal substantially. Plus, you’ll be able to handle rejection, an inevitable part of dating, so much better.  A strong sense of self confidence helps you feel more optimistic and keeps you going!

Here’s what will be covered:

  • What is confidence?
  • What sabotages feeling confident?
  • How does a lack of confidence show up in your dating life?
  • Why being confident is not the same as having a big ego
  • Tips to build a healthy sense of dating confidence

Please join me for this extremely helpful and fun workshop by phone. This is an interactive, live workshop with plenty of time to get your questions answered.

Monday, June 13th, 8-9pm edt
Via teleclass – number provided after registration
No special phone equipment needed. Regular long distance charges may apply

Fee is just $15

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